The Creepiest Shows On TV Right Now

The horror genre has been a major staple of television since The Twilight Zone began scaring audiences around the world in 1959. Since then, horror TV shows have popped up every once in a while to terrify a whole new generation of TV viewers. Currently, there are more genuinely creepy television shows airing than ever before. Shows like American Horror Story and Black Mirror have been designed to haunt your dreams, from the nightmare-inducing credit sequences to the spine-chilling imagery.

There are plenty of TV shows to excite and horrify the average horror fan and general television viewers alike. Shows like Hannibal and Bates Motel are bringing to life some of the most iconic movie villains of all time on the small screen. Whether you’re a fan of the decaying, flesh-eating zombies on The Walking Dead or enjoy the psychotic cult of serial killers on The Following, there’s something for every type of horror lover.

What do you think is the most creepy show on TV right now? Vote up the paranormal tv show you think is the creepiest and most chilling. This list features the top creepy shows that are still on the air.