People Are Sharing Their Creepiest Stories They Haven't Told Many People... Until Now

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Sometimes we like to keep this to ourselves, other times we tell no one until we tell the internet. 

  • 1. Homeless Person Living In Their House

    From Redditor u/3milyBlazze

    My mom worked alot at night so we were by ourselves quite often there was 5 of us in all 2 older brothers 2 little sisters and me right in the middle I was around 8-9 years old when this happened so my brothers would've been around 14-13 and my sister's are only 13 months younger then me

    We lived in a crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood and when we were bored we'd play our version of hide and seek it involved turning off every light in the house seeker given a flashlight and as your looking you get to call out "Whistle" 3 times and everyone had to whistle from their hiding spot

    I was usually it I was bad at hiding so I preferred it we were just starting the game and it was storming outside thunder and lightning going off not our best idea in hindsight but we aren't what I'd call a bright group

    To do this I need to explain the layout of the downstairs the front door was right next to the stairs 2 paths one lead you directly to the kitchen the other into the living room we had 2 couches one against the wall next to a door that lead to the back of the apartment buildings the other with it's back facing the dining room with another wider opening to the kitchen

    I found my oldest brother fairly quickly because he used the opportunity to pop out from around the corner and scare me after a few minutes I called out "Okay whistle!" I was confused when I heard 4 distinct whistles and I looked at my bro who was sitting on the couch "Why'd you whistle?" He looked at me equally confused "I didn't?" I pointed the flashlight at him and called out "Whistle again" And my blood turned to ice when I again heard 4 whistles and my brother didn't open his mouth I saw all the color drain from his face as he heard it to he stood walked over to the living room light and turned it on as he ordered "Everyone come out right now!" My other brother popped up from behind the couch my sister climbed out from under the table my last very thin very tiny sister stood up from behind a large plant on the floor we gathered in the living room unsure of what to do so I decided to call out once more "Uh okay whistle again" A whistle came from the still dark kitchen we looked at each other my younger sisters clinging to each other as we as one crept towards the kitchen we were barely leaning in the doorway my brother's hand reaching for the switch when I lifted the still lit flashlight to the opening that lead to the front door and screamed everyone else joining in a split second later as we took in the sight of an absolutely psychotic looking junkie homeless person crouched in the opening smiling at us his mouth seemed stretched unnaturally wide on his face flashing rotten blackened teeth his bloodshot eyes flashing in the light his dirty brown hair hanging in tangled knots on his head his hands grasped in front of him his hands were f*cking filthy and bleeding I couldn't really see his outfit from how he was crouched over but he wasn't wearing any shoes and all his toes were missing thier nails and were steadily turning this nasty greenish yellow from infection He screamed right as we screamed which only made him even scarier we probably stood there a good 30 seconds just screaming our heads off

    When he lurched forward on hands and knees toward us grunting his eyes never blinking in that moment I threw the flashlight full force and hit him right between the eyes he squealed and landed on his side clutching his head we promptly turned and ran out the back door in the pouring rain barefoot and in our pajamas right to a neighbor's friend house and pounded on their door until they opened it to which we shoved ourself inside and slammed the door I was crying along with my sister's while my brothers were trying to tell them what happened but were pretty much just screaming they got the jist of it tho and called the cops one was always patrolling nearby and he caught the guy right as he was trying to hide by climbing into the dumpster in the parking lot

    Apparently someone had lost a key to their apartment and cause the landlord was a cheap asshole he'd only used like 3 kinds of keys for the apartment buildings so the homeless junkie looking for cash to buy more drugs had simply tried the key on the doors until he got to one that opened he thought we were either asleep or not home because the lights are off but then he saw my flashlight and tried to hide but in his damaged mind when he realized we were playing decided to join in

    Needless to say we moved out soon after

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  • 2. Name Being Whispered

    From Redditor u/ _Widow:

    I was staying over my grandparents with a cousin to keep them company. My cousin and I shared the guest bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I started being woken up out of a sound sleep to strange whispers just outside the door. I sat up and paid attention as I didn’t know if it was my grandma or something. The whispers got a bit louder and then I realized they were saying my name. I got chills all over my back and I knew I was the only one awake at that moment. I was younger so I still believed the blanket was my supernatural shield. The whispers went on a few times more and then stopped. Couldn’t fall asleep until my body just gave up and I drifted back to sleep.

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks later to a celebration my whole family was doing in my grandparents house. They have a terrace and my mom was there just helping setting things up. I didn’t mention what had happened to me to anyone but my cousin. A few hours later I came to my grandparent’s and my mom came to me with a bit of a confused and fearful look on her face. She said that when she went to the terrace to help setting stuff up, something came close to her ear and whispered my name a couple of times. I just stared at her in disbelieve. I then told her of my occurrence with those whispers a couple of weeks prior. To this day I have to idea what that was.

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  • 3. Haunted Thrifted Dolls

    From Redditor u/unlessitsillegal:

    Okay I’m bad at telling creepy stories but here it goes

    So it all started when I was 5, I received these two porcelain princess dolls at my first and only birthday party. I was stoked because Disney was my jam, Cinderella and Snow White were so beautifully crafted and I swore to keep them in mint condition.

    I was told later on that they were thrifted pieces which made me feel even luckier having them. But that changed over time.

    Flash forward a couple of years. Weird things went on in my home, weird tapping noises at night and I felt very anxious randomly. I never associated these things to those dolls because I felt silly.

    At the age of 10 those dolls were still in mint condition, never out of their packaging. But going near them made me feel sick, I never knew why but I suddenly felt a sense of urgency to get rid of them. It was very odd considering that if anything I would want to sell them off or something.

    At 12 years old my family officially purchased our first real home, no more renting or apartments. We were all ecstatic for all the right reasons. But that day little did I know I’d experience something that I’d never forget.

    The day literally after we got the news that the home was ours, I went to my room to go chill out and as soon as I walked through that door Cinderella whipped her head in my direction.

    My heart sank.

    I froze for a quarter of a second before I ran away from my room, I sat in our living room all day avoiding going back into my room. By the time nightfall came my parents told me to go to sleep, I was petrified of that room and begged not to because I was scared. “Scared of what?” They asked, but I could never explain it.

    If I would’ve said “The dolls are haunted” or “THE FREAKING DOLL MOVED” I would’ve been called crazy.

    I know what I saw that day, that doll moved. When I went back to that room her head was still facing the doorway.

    She was angled away from that doorway on the shelf, no one else was in that room.

    So my Mexican self knew “I would NOT survive this horror movie” and threw them both out in secret as soon as I could (a couple of days later).

    The negative energy was repelled after I threw them away.

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  • 4. Found A Dead Body And It Still Speaks To The Person

    From Redditor u/Lost-Dog8949:

    A few years ago I was walking through the woods off the beaten track a bit and I smelt this really overpowering sweet smell. Being nosey I pulled back the undergrowth to have a look and found a dead body.

    The guy had clearly been there a while and wasnt looking great, all swollen and green and black with various runny bits. The local wildlife had also been dining well for a few days.

    I called the police who told me to wait with the body until they arrived. Being in the middle of no-where it took a while for them to arrive and it got dark and I was just sat there in the dark with him for a long time.

    It turned out he had committed suicide. For a long time afterwards I had dreams about him and he would talk to me and not nice things. Mainly about how he was angry I had disturbed his resting place and he wanted me to kill myself. Probably just my imagination but all pretty disturbing at the time. He still turns up in my dreams from time to time and no doubt will be tonight after typing this..

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  • 5. Previous Tenant Haunt

    From Redditor u/WellThatsTheThing

    I was cooking dinner and only had the lights on in the kitchen and living room. My apartment is open concept with a long hallway to the front door. I walk to the trash can at the edge of the kitchen to toss out some scraps. I got a strange feeling and looked up toward my front door.

    I saw a dark male figure standing directly in front of my door. (If you’ve ever seen Hereditary, it was exactly like the scene where the grandma is in the room with the lights off when Annie walks in). My heart dropped and fight mode turned on. With a knife in my hand, I flip on every single light in the apartment. No one was there.

    A couple months later, my property manager told me that someone overdosed and died across the hall around the same time that happened. Still gives me chills, but hasn’t happened since.

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  • 6. Kidnapping Uber

    From Redditor u/deleted

    this isnt like paranormal creepy, but real life creepy and i honestly forget this happened to me all the time (i think its a trauma response)

    so in fall of 2017 i went to college at westfield state university in westfield, ma. i hated it and would go home every single weekend (im from the boston area so its 2 hours away). i was a freshman and freshman couldnt have cars on campus, so to get home id have to uber 25 minutes from westfield to the bus station in springfield, then take the bus from springfield to boston, and vice versa for when id come back to school

    i would always come back on sunday nights, and get to springfield around like 10 so that i could spend the day at home. it was a very set routine every weekend. so i get back, call my uber. he comes and we start our 25 minute ride back to westfield.

    i never really pay attention in ubers, im just kinda on my phone, but ill occasionally check the app to see my ETA. so i check and i noticed it added 10 mins to the eta. i think its a bit strange since its always routinely a 25 min ride, but i dont think much of it; maybe theres a car accident causing traffic, etc. so i go back to scrolling on my phone, then check the app again. now i notice it added ANOTHER 10 min, bringing the total to an extra 20 min. thats when im like okay theres NO WAY its a 45 min ride back. so i say to him, “you know im going to westfield state, right?” and he instantly nervously laughs and goes “ya, ik…i missed the exit and have been trying to think of how to tell you…cause im nervous…” wtf?!? thats when i text my boyfriend at the time panicking like wtf is going on. he tells me to check my eta now, so i go to the app, and see that the uber ENDED THE RIDE. so 1, now i cant see where im going and 2, UBER THINKS I MADE IT TO MY DESTINATION. i freak tf out and ask him why he did that, he gets nervous again and goes “uhh so it doesnt charge you more” . i look out the window and to see if i can see any signs as to where i am. i see an exit sign for lee, ma. ive never heard of that town, and ik all the towns around westfield, so i go on google maps and lee ma is near the f*cking NEW YORK BORDER and is 40 MIN away from westfield!! like there is NO WAY we ended up there from missing an exit. i am literally panicking so bad so thats when i call my bf and stay on the phone w him. im literally talking in code im so nervous; my bf would say “do you know where you are” and id answer like “no, idk about that”. after staying on the phone for a while he finally turns around and heads back to westfield. i stay on the phone the entire ride back and RAN to my dorm.

    weirdly, i only told a few ppl this, and like i said i forget all the time that this happened. i still take ubers too. i really believe the guy was trying to kidnap me and take me to new york, cause theres just no f*cking way it was all a mistake.

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