These Creepy Subreddits Will Keep You Up At Night

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Reddit, the front page of the internet and leading cause of sleep-deprivation, features a horde of scary subreddits guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Just like the rest of the site, horror-themed subreddits present a pleasant mix of written and visual posts. While many subreddits specialize in written posts such as creepypastas or instructions to occult ritual, others strictly dedicate themselves to unsettling pictures or videos.

Paranormal activity and frightening short stories are promoted alongside real-life unsolved mysteries and stressful stunts that are one mishap away from turning into a scene from Final Destination. Plenty of other creepy websites exist out there, but freaky subreddits keep the scares all in one haunted space.

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    What It Entails: The epitome of "stranger danger," r/LetsNotMeet shares all the terrifying encounters people had with utter strangers.

    Notable Post: 

    I was driving home from work at 2 am. I'm a nurse and I live in a small city. The roads were totally deserted and it was a freezing night. I don't live far from work, maybe a couple of miles. I'm driving down a residential street around the corner from my house and I see a man laying face down in the street.

    Now remember, I'm a nurse. My first thought was "Great, gotta help this guy up." I was coming off a long shift and falls happen all the time. As I slowed down the car I suddenly realized what an idiot move that was. I'm a 100 lbs woman and I don't carry any weapons. I thought I should do something to help the guy so I called 911 as I drove past him and slowed to a stop at the end of the block. While I was stopped at the light I explained to the dispatcher that there was a man in the road who might need assistance.

    All of a sudden I hear a loud BANG BANG from the driver's side window. I screamed and looked over. A man was pounding on my window and jiggling the handle of my locked car. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that there was no man laying in the street. Still on the phone with 911, I screamed "I'M SO SCARED!" to the dispatcher and floored it through the red light. I quickly told him what had happened and even though I was right by my house, he told me to keep driving.

    After a few minutes I had calmed down and he told me to loop back around. I pulled over down the road from my house and stayed in the car. I didn't see the man anywhere, so I got off the phone with the dispatcher who told me he was sending a police car to cruise the area.

    As I gathered up my things I did a final scan of the area, and I saw the man. He was walking with two other men. I hunched way down in my car until they were far down the road, then bolted into my house.

    I don't know if he had ill intent, but it freaks me the hell out that he wasn't alone. Always lock your car doors. And carry mace.

    From "I thought this was only an urban legend.. thank God I didn't start my car," by a former Redditor. 

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    What It Entails: This subreddit pretty much lays it out in the title. r/ScaredSh*tless tends to skew towards visual scares, so expect plenty of scary gifs, vids, and pictures.

    Notable Post: 

    I got a text from a number I didn't recognize that said '"hahaha" along with a link. I clicked the link, it opened in Safari, and prompted me to use my current location. I allowed. Page was blank.

    Two hours later, I saw lightning or something from outside. Turned, nothing, didn't really think about it.

    Kind of put two-and-two together the next day. I went back to that website: it was a now picture of the back of my head watching TV, with a flash reflection in the middle. I went back to that text but it was gone, deleted. The most recent picture taken in my phone was a video, though, taken after 3 am. I was long asleep. My bill online confirms a rich media text was sent to that number I didn't recognize at that time. The video is a walkthrough of my house, showing the front door, sliding back door, and big windows, including a close-up on the lock of the biggest window. My house key was missing off my key chain when I looked later. My sh*t is freaked.

    From "This website would like to use your current location," by Redditor /u/bcgraham.

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    What It Entails: This subreddit is about paranormal activity in real life; what's scarier than that?

    Notable Post: 

    I live on the coast of South Carolina and my backyard is directly on the marsh.

    I woke up and went down stairs to use the bathroom. I kept having this weird nagging feeling like I was forgetting something or something was off. So I went to find my mother; she's a night owl and stays up super late doing gardening stuff and she likes to feed the raccoons.

    I went to the backyard and I saw her about 100 yards from the back door facing the marsh. I called out to her but she didn't hear me, so I started to walk out to her. Once I started getting closer she turned to face me with a completely blank expression, so I asked her what was wrong. I was about 12 feet away from her and she turned back towards the marsh.

    Then the f*cking back door opens and I turn to see my mom standing on the deck and she called out to me asking what I'm doing. I've never run so fast in my life, but I looked back to marsh and I could see that thing disappearing. It looked just like my mom!

    I yelled at mom to go inside that there was something out there. I told her what I saw and I've been crying and shaking. We woke up my husband and my dad and they think I must've just still been in a sleep state and I dreamed it or something? I can't stop shaking. What the f*ck just happened? Am I crazy? Did something try to lure me out to the marsh? I must be losing my damn mind, but I know what I saw!

    From "I'm freaking out and terrified to go to sleep now. Something tried to lure me out into the marsh. Help, please," by Redditor /u/JennIsFit.

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    What It Entails: "/r/NoSleep without the fiction" is the tagline for this subreddit, where all the stories are not just scary, they're allegedly true. Even worse, no one can explain them.

    Notable Post:

    I would go out pigging with one of my best mates all the time. But this one time, the dogs lost their sh*t and went to jump off the back. We stopped and let them loose and they shot off like they were on the trail of something. We think we're on to some pigs.

    We were standing there and could hear their bells off in the distance getting further away. Then nothing. The bush was silent and we started to get a bit unnerved. We felt okay because we both were holding loaded guns, but it was still an uneasy feeling. We stood listening for about 10-15 minutes and could hear not a thing. It was almost suffocating. So my mate started calling his dogs in.

    He was calling for a good 15 minutes and we still hear nothing. So he said, "F*ck this we're going looking for them." As he turned to the car we heard the bells come from behind us in the treeline, weird because it was the opposite direction from which the dogs had left. So we turned around listening and my mate started calling out to them to come, and from behind us came the dogs. Without their bells.

    Needless to say, we both sh*t bricks and threw the dogs on the car and bailed to the other side of the place. The whole time the bells were still jingling like something had them on. Weird thing was we were a good 400 km from the closest civilization.

    From "Creepy happening in Australian Outback," by Redditor /u/MDiddly.

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    What It Entails: True to its name, r/ScaryShortStories gives you good scares with just a few words.

    Notable Post: 

    Last night a friend rushed me out of the house to catch the opening act at a local bar's music night. After a few drinks I realized my phone wasn't in my pocket. I checked the table we were sitting at, the bar, the bathrooms, and after no luck I used my friend's phone to call mine.

    After two rings someone answered, gave out a low, raspy giggle, and hung up. They didn't answer again. I eventually gave it up as a lost cause and headed home.

    I found my phone laying on my night stand, right where I left it.

    From "So I lost my phone..." by Redditor /u/Lynxx.

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    What It Entails: If you're like Elon Musk and suspect this whole world might be one big computer simulation, r/GlitchInTheMatrix is the best place for you - or the worst place, if that sort of thing freaks you out.

    Notable post: 

    This has been playing on my mind for years now. I had a very realistic dream about a friend of mine when we were both 19. In that dream, he died. We were sitting again a brick wall talking and he was telling me that sometimes our time is up and to make the most of it, and some other advice.

    I woke up the next morning and was freaked out so I called him and told him about it. He laughed and said, "That would suck," but reassured me that he was fine and not going anywhere.

    Two days later I had a call from his parents to say he had suddenly died in his sleep. The last time I spoke to him was when I called him after my dream.

    From "Dreamed my fried died, I told him and then he did," by Redditor /u/sixdogsofmine.

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