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Professional Investigators Describe The Creepiest Things They've Ever Found Searching Houses  

Stefanie Hammond
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Unless you personally know a police officer, there are lots of things you didn't know about cops. For one, they've probably witnessed some crazy things during their searches on both persons and in houses. These cops from Reddit describe the creepiest things they have found while looking through houses on duty. Their accounts provide a small window into their day-to-day jobs to show just how dark and scary the world can be. 

It is common knowledge that police officers deal with the dregs of society on a daily basis. However, these Reddit stories highlight the worst things cops have witnessed, and it is truly the stuff of nightmares. From exploding bodies to a corpse turned into a birdhouse, these are the most gruesome tales from the men in blue. Vote up the creepiest tales of what cops have discovered in homes across America. 

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A Body Cut Into Little Pieces

From user Yurei2:

“My aunt is a police dispatcher. Normally, she takes calls from the public and has an officer nearby respond. But one day, she was asked to work the station's radio because the normal guy was sick. That meant she was acting as the central hub of the police radio network, taking calls from officers in the field and issuing backup to them, that kind of thing.

She wound up having to listen to four cops talking back and forth in a panic as two squad cars arrived to check on a reported murder (the person who called was certain that there were multiple killers present). The victim's meat had been cut into one-inch cubes, as if their killer was going to fry them up, or make kebabs. The whole corpse had been disassembled like that. Bones cut into neat inch segments, organs removed, separated, organized. She remembers one of the officers panicked and screamed something along the lines of, 'This is OCD movie monster bullsh*t.'

I can't remember the exact quote, sadly, and I doubt my aunt remembers it herself. She thought they were playing a joke on her until they called for a hazmat crew to get the body.”

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A Fellow Officer Burned To A Crisp

From user sdcinerama:

“This one is from an MP friend of mine, so take [it] with a grain of salt.

My buddy was duty officer one night and as such, he had to respond to serious events.

One night, there was a fire alarm and he and a bunch of MPs rolled on it. This was a real fire (false alarms are pretty common). The source turned out to be an officer's apartment and... The officer.

When the investigation was conducted, it was found that the officer had filled a bathtub with fuel and field manuals, and decided to suicide out by sitting in the tub and igniting the fuel. After a few seconds, he decided that this was a bad idea and ran from the tub to his apartment door before death finally took him. So, the responding MPs found his charred remains and the bits of burning flesh that were falling off him as he ran for the door.”

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An Old Man Who Had Decomposed Into Human Sludge

From user MidwintersTomb:

“My mother used to work for a police department, and I'd hang out there when I'd be home sick from school. This old man used to walk to the gas station on the corner to get a pack of smokes and coffee every day. The gas station attendant called for a wellness check when she realized she hadn't seem him for a couple weeks in the dead of summer. Cops went, knocked, smelled something, opened the door, walked in, instantly came back out vomiting from the smell. They had to come back later with respirators, trash bags, and snow shovels to clean up the sludge that used to be the old man.”

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Buckets Of Poop Everywhere

From user alanamablamaspama:

“Not a cop, but I worked alongside Adult Protective Services and sometimes cops.

The place smelled absolutely dreadful. The elderly lady was dead, sitting upright on the couch. She had shat herself a watery one at that time of death, apparently. That's not the only thing that smelled bad. There were buckets of sh*t. Literally dozens of bucks filled with fecal matter in every room of the house. One of the cops didn't have a face mask, and he almost puked every time he cough or sneezed because all of the dust and the putrid smell.

Apparently, the elderly lady lived in the home with a few of her brothers. Some homeless people who were squatting in the backyard were the ones who called the police because they saw the brothers leave, but hadn't seen the lady in days. The smell coming from the house also raised some red flags.”

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