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People Reveal The Creepiest Things They’ve Found In Seemingly Normal Homes  

Samantha Dillinger
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Not all haunted houses look threatening, and not all creepy homes are haunted. One of the most frightening feelings can stem from finding something unsettling in the space you're supposed to feel safe in, and creepy occurrences in other people's homes can make you hesitant to leave the comfort of you own abode. Redditors have shared the creepiest things they've found in normal homes, basements, and attics.

The most unsettling items uncovered in ordinary houses include unexpected animal habitats, evidence a secret agent once occupied the home under witness protection, and hidden rooms which likely served atypical purposes. Whether it's skeletons, toys, or a supernatural entity, the creepiest discoveries people found in their homes - and the homes of their friends - might make you think twice about exploring even the most banal locations.

They Found Old Photos Of Them Sleeping Next To Someone They Never Met

From Redditor /u/jacksc*ckrocks:

I found my old 3DS I completely forgot I owned. I was excited to go through games and stuff [when] I noticed I had some photos on it and thought it would be a cool blast from the past.

I've never felt so unsafe when I saw the selfies of this girl I've never met before in my life and me asleep next to her.

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They Noticed Animated Pool Balls In An Empty Basement

From Redditor /u/Wrong_Answer_Willie:

[In] my wife's parents basement at the foot of the stairs was a pool table. My wife (was my girlfriend at the time) and I went down to shoot some pool. As we got to the bottom step we saw three pool balls rolling around on the table. No one else was down there.

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Their Date Collected Animal Fetuses

From a former Redditor:

[I went] home with this girl and she's showing me around her place. On a shelf she shows off her large collection of jars with embalmed animal fetuses - mainly monkeys.

She worked in a staff canteen and had no university degree in an associated field. I still have no idea why she had them or where she got them from. Frankly, I was too scared to ask.

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They Found Deceased Cats In The Basement

From a former Redditor:

Years ago when my family moved home, we had to clean the basement. The access was outside the building, and the door was old and a bit broken.

First, the smell was just disgusting. After cleaning for a few hours, we eventually found [deceased] cats, literally rotten and full of worms. Like they came there to [perish] during winter because it was a bit warmer than outside, or something.

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