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The Creepiest Things In 'Fortnite'

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From the harrowing forests of Wailing Woods to the burger-stacked buildings of Greasy Grove, creepy Fortnite secrets linger around every corner. While most Fortnite Easter eggs and dances are silly and charming, some of them are downright bone-chilling.

Sure, Epic Games did a great job at making Fortnite seem super fun on the surface. Who wouldn't have a blast bashing open neon llama pinatas and running around in colorful skins? However, after you spend a little time in the world, you'll find out there's a lot more going on than just looting and shooting. No matter if you're a casual or professional Fortnite player, some of the strange stuff going on in the game is sure to scare you right out of your seat.

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    The Mysterious Singing In The Woods

    Video: YouTube

    If you spend enough time scavanging in the forests for materials, you're bound to hear the ambient and surreal siren song of the girl in the woods.

    The origin of this enchanting song remains unknown. If followed, her voice gets stronger, but nobody has found the singing girl.

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    Slenderman In Wailing Woods

    Photo: Epic Games

    It's possible that Slenderman may be hiding in Wailing Woods. Videos of players seeing his distinctive frame have circulated around the net. Supposedly to get him to appear the player must go into the Wailing Woods at night without wepaons, go into the fort in the maze, and press "R1" on a poster found inside the fort. After some time Slenderman may appear in the distance.

    Though some players have reported spotting him, others claim it is a hoax.

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    The Hidden Torture Chamber

    Photo: Epic Games

    While casually looting the basement of a house in Fortnite: Save the World, you can find someone's dark secret. Hidden behind a cabinet is a secret entrance leading you to full-on torture chamber.

    If that wasn't spooky enough, when you walk outside, there are unmarked graves, and you are left to your imagination to figure out what happened to the people buried below.

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    The Ghosts Of Pleasant Park

    Video: YouTube

    Rumor has it that Pleasant Park may not have a pleasant history. People who had died here may still haunt the many houses. Players have reported hearing disconnected footsteps and have seen doors opening and closing on their own.

    Some players think the activity is simply a glitch, many think ghosts haunt the abandoned homes of Pleasant Park.

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