15 People Describe The Creepiest Thing They Ever Saw In Their Lives

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We get so used to the schedule of our day-to-day lives that when something truly strange happens, it stays with us forever. Creepy true stories are always scarier than something fictional, because they present the idea that there’s something out there waiting to disrupt our lives. Some of the creepiest things people have ever seen involve places that never existed, cars full of motionless people, and neighbors with an unprecedented amount of access to an apartment building. Hopefully you don’t have any stories that can beat them. 

Reading stories of people describing the creepiest thing they ever saw in their lives is a fascinating look into the terror of everyday life. These folks work regular jobs and they live in normal towns, yet their experiences are straight out of a horror movie. 


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    The Man In The Closet

    From Redditor /u/JamesRenner:

    I'm a journalist and was told this doozy by a woman I interviewed for a true crime story.

    When this woman was a young girl, say eight years old, she started to come downstairs at night to tell her father that there was a man in her closet. He tells her there's no such thing as the boogeyman and sends her back to bed. This happens on and off for like a week. Finally, he gets frustrated and walks her back to the room and says, "I'll show you there's nothing in your closet," and goes to open the door. It opens an inch, and then he feels someone slam it shut.

    Turns out there really was a man in her closet. This guy who would come into the house every night and stare at the girl from the closet while she slept. The dad kicked the sh*t out of him, and the guy went to prison for many years.

    I researched her story 20 years after this happened. The guy had just gotten out of jail again, and no one could find him.

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    An Admittance Of Guilt

    From Redditor /u/DeeJayLiz:

    My parents bought their first house back in 1972. It was a fixer-upper, but they decided to move in right away and fix things as time/money permitted.

    Within a few days of moving in, the new neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They also let my parents know that the previous owners had moved out after a nasty divorce. They had lost their second baby from SIDS, and their relationship went downhill from there.

    My parents were horrified, more so because they were newly pregnant and couldn't imagine going through such a thing.

    They eventually pretty much forgot all about it. Life went on. They were in love with their new life and their new house.

    In preparation for the baby, they decided to wallpaper the nursery. Now, my dad told my mom there was no need in wallpapering the inside of the closet, but she insisted. She was kneeling down, scraping off old paint inside of the closet when her eyes fell upon something that made her blood turn to ice.

    Written in crayon, at about eye level for a kindergartner, in childish scrawl was: I KILLED THE BABY.

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    Keep An Eye On Your Neighbors

    From Redditor /u/Sweetdish:

    A few years back, I rented an apartment from a friend of mine. He had recently bought it and had it completely renovated. He put it up for sale but couldn't find a buyer so I offered to rent it in the meantime.

    After moving in, I realized there was something wrong with the lady next door. She was about 45 but looked much older. She would sit up all night listening to Christian radio shows and talking loudly to someone. It got to the point where I couldn't sleep, so I went over to her place and asked her to keep it down. She opened her door, and I got a quick peek inside. Her walls all had crosses painted on them in different colors. And words like "Jesus" and "angels" scribbled everywhere. The windows were painted black, letting no light in at all. It was damp, yellow-stained 50-year-old carpets, dog sh*t and roaches everywhere. No dog, though.

    I asked her to please keep it down. She just looked at me and shut the door. Then she turned up the radio even louder.

    The next night, I had my girlfriend staying over. I wake up in the middle of the night and see a shadow of a person next to the bed looking at us sleeping. I think I'm hallucinating as I usually do in the dark when I'm sleepy. But then the shadow starts talking. It's my neighbor, and she's holding something in her hand. She broke in during the night, and who knows how long she stood there.

    "You should lock your door at night," she says and walks out.

    The next morning, I hear someone making strange noises below my bedroom window. It's my neighbor talking to herself in tongues. She has a plastic bag in her hand with her rotting dog inside. It's hot as hell outside, and I can smell [it] from the bag.

    At this point, I'm scared sh*tless. She's obviously very insane. I go upstairs and knock on another person's door and ask what the hell is going on. The guy is as scared as me. Apparently, she broke into his apartment one evening as well while he was watching TV with his kids. He got up from the couch to get a snack only to find her behind the couch staring at him holding a power drill. Now I know what was in her hand.

    At this stage, I'm basically pooping myself. I call the cops, and they know all about her. Apparently, she is a violent schizophrenic, and she hasn't taken her meds. But they can't force her or enter her apartment without her permission because she owns it. The only thing they can do is get her when she goes outside. I sit up for the next two days waiting for her to run out of cigarettes. When I hear her leave at 2 am to go across the road to the 7-Eleven, I call the cops. They have three cars and a special van over in less than two minutes. They restrain her and throw her in the van and drive off to some institution, and, in less than a minute, it's like she was never there.

    I never see her again. Still have nightmares about her looking at me in my sleep.

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    Always Lock Your Car

    From Redditor /u/cranklowza:

    I was about 15 minutes from finishing the night shift at work when there was a massive crash on one of the windows in the office, so I get up and go to check it out. Someone has thrown quite a sizeable rock through one of the windows on the front of the building. This is made especially weird because I'm working in the industrial district at 11:30 at night with none of the other businesses open. I go back to my desk, put a quick call through to security to let them know, and decide to head home. As I'm leaving the building, I'm freaking myself out about it more and more and end up running to my car, getting in, and taking off. I'm almost home, and I've started to calm down a bit when I realise that I didn't unlock my car when I got in. It had been unlocked the whole time. I do a quick check with my hand in the backseat for any possible murderers that might be hanging around there but there's nothing there.

    Fast forward 30 minutes: I've called a friend of mine who says he is out drinking, so I decide I'm going to join him. I jump on my bicycle and start riding over. I'm doodling along the road on my bike. It's a nice night, and I'm in no big rush, just enjoying the moonlight, when I hear someone riding behind me. I straighten up and stick to one side of the road. He passes me really slowly, and, when he is right beside me, he shoots me a smile I can describe as purely f*cking insane. I kind of flinch and am taken aback as he rides on. That's when I realise he is riding my mom's bike.

    Needless to say, I sprint the f*ck home. When I get there, sure enough, her bike is missing, and one of my car doors is open. The back left one. I was driving and had no need to open that door.