People Reveal The Creepiest Things They've Found In Their Relatives' Homes

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Many people have relatives who collect creepy items and put them on display for everyone to see. Others only make macabre discoveries after the family member has already passed. On Reddit, people are sharing the creepiest things they've found in their relatives' homes that still haunt them to this day.

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    Their Sister Kept Photographs Of Them With The Eyes Scratched Out

    From Redditor u/starryblurs:

    Someone I considered to be my sister (known since we were kids): She had photos of me with my eyes and mouth scratched out in her room. Not just photos of me alone, but even photos of the two of us and with others, and it was only images of me she'd tampered with, even in group photos. Any image of me had my eyes and mouth scratched out. No one else. At this point, we had been friends for a couple of decades.

    I stopped talking to her not long after finding that.

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    Their Grandparents Had A Secret Room No One Spoke About

    From Redditor u/Galaxy_Ranger_Bob:

    My father came from a large family. He was the youngest of either 12 or 11 kids. I don't know the right number because there was one sibling that wasn't allowed to be spoken of. All of them are dead now, so there is no one I can really ask for answers.

    The unspoken sibling was apparently kept locked up in an attic room and was fed and bathed in that room away from where anyone could see them. This was not an uncommon occurrence back in those days (my father was the youngest, born in 1939). If a child was born with developmental disabilities, they were kept from society out of embarrassment in a "disappointments room." [Editor's note: Some contest the historical reality of "disappointments rooms" and argue that they are mostly myth.]

    At some point, this secret sibling died or was moved to an institution. I was visiting my grandparents for a holiday, probably Christmas, and my cousins and I were playing hide and go seek. While looking for a place to hide, I found the disappointments room. There was a bed with hand, head, and leg restraints on it, an adult size potty chair, and an old-fashioned copper tub. The windows had bars between the inside panes and outside panes, and the inside glass was frosted. There were stains on the walls that could have been blood, poo, or crayon, and lots and lots of drawings in crayon or charcoal.

    This terrified 11-year-old me, and I didn't want to play anymore. But no one would explain what I found beyond, "We don't talk about that in this house."

    I learned a little bit about this years later from one of my father's more rebellious older [sisters].

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    Their Great-Grandmother Stored A Bloody Sheet Resting Over A Shape

    From Redditor u/youtubeguy_daan:

    When I was around 10 years old, I went to my great-grandmother's house. I went there a lot since she lived just across the street. The house had an attic, but I had never gone up there. On that day I decided to go and take a [peek]. The hatch to the attic was very hard to open, and clearly no one had been up there for a while. When I finally managed to get it open, I was shocked to see a white sheet with bloodstains all over it, and there was clearly something lying under it.

    It could have been a body, but it could have also just been something else. I was so scared that I just went home, and I never told anyone. I also never [built] up the courage to ask my great-grandmother about it. Now she is dead, so I will never have a chance to ask.

    Still, I can’t stop wondering if it was, in fact, a body, and if so, [whose]? My great-grandfather went mysteriously missing and was never found. So I speculated that it was him lying there. But I guess I’ll never know since the house has been sold and doesn’t belong to our family anymore.

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    Their Grandparents Collected Terrifying Souvenirs

    From Redditor u/inboredimsobored:

    ...[My] grandparents traveled A LOT for my grandfather's job, and they lived all over the world. A few things they had in their house:

    1. A creepy plate/mask thing they got in China or Japan of a terrifying demon face. My grandfather kept it over his desk, and every time I'd walk past it, I'd close my eyes.

    2. A statue everyone called the monkey king. Idk where they got it, but it was/is terrifying. It's basically this creepy humanoid monkey with huge, sharp teeth. Its mouth is wide open, and you can't tell if it's supposed to be laughing or screeching. My brother inherited it after my grandfather died, and he loves that thing.

    3. This is a bit more supernatural, but when I was little my brother and I would sleep in my grandparent's basement. Every night I'd be wide awake and see this... idk, like shadowy form of a person just standing in the middle of the basement facing my brother and me. It would stay like that for sometimes 5-10 mins., then disappear. I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just typing this out, even though it was close to 20 years ago. I asked my grandfather about it, and he said, "Oh, that's just some dead soldier looking for his whiskey." Lol.

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    Their Grandmother Kept A Creepy Newspaper Clipping

    From Redditor u/DustierAndRustier:

    Behind my grandmother's telly, I found a picture of a man cut out from a newspaper with sewing pins stuck in the eyes and crotch. Idk who the man was.

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    Their Cousin Lived In A House Full Of Bugs

    From Redditor u/NinjaCarrot79:

    More gross than creepy, but one of my cousin's houses has/had a terrible infestation.

    Pretty much every general type of bug. Spiders, centipedes, flies, you name it. There was even a shoebox with like a million cockroaches in it. I wish that they stayed only in there. And before you ask, no, it wasn't Australia, it was Maryland, USA.

    It hasn't always been like that. My mom says it's probably because their grandma was very sick and they were all taking care of her a lot, so they didn't have time to take care of the house. I'm not sure about the house's condition now. I was 10 or 11 then.

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