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People Reveal The Creepiest Thing That's Happened To Them In Their Home

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When we're kids, we have a healthy fear of scary things that can happen at home. We dutifully check under our beds for monsters, keep a nightlight on in case of ghosts, and ask our parents to double lock the door to keep robbers out. Most of us grow out of these fears as we get older. But should we? If the creepy stories presented here are to be believed, all of the scary things that can happen in your home will and have happened. They are probably happening right now to someone. We have people who come face to face with masked bandits, deal with unexplained paranormal activity, and find creepy strangers who just come in and STARE at them. So if you thought your home was a safe sanctuary, think again.

If we can learn anything from these creepy home stories it's that you should never, ever watch scary movies alone at night, have kids, or move into haunted houses (duh). If you any of these things, all of the scary things that can happen to you probably will.

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    What's Creepier: The Guy Who Broke In Or The Bottle Of Midori?

    From Kvothe-kingkiller:

    "In a house living with my girlfriend and another couple. I'm watching tv at round 2 am in the living room, girlfriend is asleep, other guy is asleep, and I assume the other girl is out in her study, which you had to go outside to get to, so the back door is unlocked.

    "From my vantage point you can see a portion of the kitchen, which is next to the back door. I hear the back door swing open, assume it's my housemate, and continue watching my TV show.

    "About fifteen minutes later, I happen to glance through the doorway into the kitchen, as I hadn't heard my housemate leave the house again or wander through to the bedrooms (house is quite loud), and there's A GUY STANDING IN THE CORNER OF THE KITCHEN STARING AT ME.

    "He had a brown jacket on, dark eyes and dark hair, and was clutching a bottle of my Midori, shoulders slumped, staring at me. When he sees that I've noticed him, he moves. I get up from the floor and chase him to the kitchen, but he's gone. Carefully go out the back, nobody there, out the front... Nope... In the driveway, down the street... Just nowhere to be found. Still gives me chills thinking about it.

    "TL;DR: man breaks into my house while I'm there, stares at me until I notice, then just disappears."

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      Rapidly Crawling Down The Floor? NOPE

      From MustangGuy:

      "Few instances, but this one's fun.

      "Several months ago, my wife and I were sitting up watching some TV after our kids had gone to bed. We heard our 4-year-old son's bedroom door open and then the sound of him rapidly crawling down the hallway toward the living room. We figured he was trying to sneak up on us and doing poorly. My wife mouths "watch this" and gets up off the couch. She moves toward the hallway and pounces into the entrance to startle our son only to stand up looking confused. She looks at me and says there's nobody there. We go into our son's room and he's knocked out. So of course we check on our daughters and they're asleep too."

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        What Did Grandpa See That He Wouldn't Speak Of?

        From Admiral_Of_Funk:

        "I remember this story my dad told me about when he was young, probably a teenager. His dad was a mason and carpenter and would buy old run-down houses and fix them up, and then resell them. He told me that this one house his dad had bought was an old, huge house, like an old plantation home. He said he always had weird feelings in the house, and there were rooms they just didn't go in. They tried making his bedroom the top floor room, but apparently when you went in that room you just felt a huge pressure all over your body just pressing down on you. It scared him and his mom so much, they moved him to a different room.

        "My dad and grandma always believed in ghosts, and knew it was haunted. But my grandpa wasn't afraid of anything and didn't think anything of it. The house had a basement, but they just didn't go in it. They knew something was wrong with it, they could just feel it. One day, my grandpa just decided to go down in it and see finally what was in it. So he went down with a flashlight, and after a minute or two down there, he came back up visibly shaken and they moved shortly after. He didn't talk about what he saw for some years later. When he finally did tell what he saw, you could tell it was something that had actually scared him. He said there were chains on the walls, shackles on the floor and some of the chains, like it was an old slave house. He seemed to imply there may have been more, like bones or something, but he couldn't say it, he was just to shaken up. Now this house was in like the middle of Ohio, and it was built after the civil war. So... They have no clue why it was like that..."

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          This Girl Felt Something On Her Back, And It Wasn't Just The Wind

          From Rach__:

          "About two months ago, my fiance and I had a very stupid argument. I went into our bathroom to get away and sat on the floor with my back to the door. I was crying from pent up frustration, when I felt something like a finger or two running up my back. I turned around quickly to tell my fiance off, thinking he opened the door or maybe I didn't close it. But no, it was closed.

          "What creeped me out is that I not only felt fingers, but my shirt moved up with them, exposing my skin. Like they were partially under the bottom of my shirt and it made it all the way to the middle of my back. I still get goosebumps thinking about it because I know it was real. It wasn't something that I could write off as my imagination."

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