People Reveal The Creepiest Thing That's Happened To Them In Their Home

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When we're kids, we have a healthy fear of scary things that can happen at home. We dutifully check under our beds for monsters, keep a nightlight on in case of ghosts, and ask our parents to double lock the door to keep robbers out. Most of us grow out of these fears as we get older. But should we? If the creepy stories presented here are to be believed, all of the scary things that can happen in your home will and have happened. They are probably happening right now to someone. We have people who come face to face with masked bandits, deal with unexplained paranormal activity, and find creepy strangers who just come in and STARE at them. So if you thought your home was a safe sanctuary, think again.

If we can learn anything from these creepy home stories it's that you should never, ever watch scary movies alone at night, have kids, or move into haunted houses (duh). If you any of these things, all of the scary things that can happen to you probably will.


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    Not What You Want To See When You Turn On Your Flashlight

    From anonymous:

    "I hate writing this... still gives me the creeps.

    "I was like 12, and I was asleep in my family's living room since I was sick and it was winter (My house has terrible insulation and my room was cold, family room was warm). So I was asleep and at around 2 in the morning, I'm woken up to the feeling that someone is right there. I always slept with a flashlight since I read, so it was in my hands and I turn it on and point it in the direction of where I thought the guy was. Right there, just a foot away from me, was a guy staring right into my face. The light hit his face and he turned and ran away. I let out a blood curling bloody murder scream and my mom and dad came running down stairs. Turns out he had freaking broken into our house and then stood there staring at me... 0_0 Shoot that still creeps me out.

    "TL;DR: Guy breaks in, f*cking stares at me, I shine light on him and he runs."

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    Three Stories From A Woman Who Should Have Moved Immediately

    From Vioux:

    "My old house was just creepy. There are no other words to describe it. There are three occasions I'll tell you about.

    "Situation 1: It's about midnight. The kids and I are woken up by noises in the basement. (Yes they were still sleeping in bed with my husband and I at that point) I tell my husband it sounds like someone is in the house and to go check it out. We continue to hear doors opening and closing, and it sounds like stuff is getting thrown around. We don't have guns... or a dog, or any way to defend ourselves against an intruder. So, I do what any grown woman would do and call my dad. He has 20+ years military experience and a hefty gun collection. So I have my husband sneak out of our room and unlock the door for my dad to come in. Then we all hide in my bedroom with the door locked. Anyway... as you may have figured, the house was completely empty and there was no sign anyone had even been in the house at all.

    "Situation 2: Get home late after a long day at work. It's 2 am, and my husband is asleep on the couch and the kids are asleep in a pile of blankets on the floor next to him. So I decide to take a bath and relax and unwind before heading to bed myself. While I'm in the tub someone starts pounding on the door and wiggling the doorknob. I figure it's my 4 year old freaking out because sometimes she sleepwalks when she has to pee, so I hop out of the tub so I can open the door and get her on the toilet before she has an accident. When I open the door no one is there. No one is in the hallway. I grab my towel and walk to the living room and everyone is still right where I left them. All still asleep.

    "Situation 3. It's bedtime again. I am sitting in my bed talking to my daughter getting her ready for sleep. All of the sudden she starts crying hysterically and hiding in me. Was she hurt? What the hell was wrong? Does she need to go to the ER? I was worried and she wouldn't tell me what was wrong, but she was terrified of something. Finally, she looks up at me and says, "He's standing right there." and points to an empty corner. "Who is standing right there?" 'The man with no eyes...'"

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    Creepy Things Happen When You Live In An Actual Haunted House

    From laurahrahrah:

    "I grew up in a 112-year-old Victorian in Connecticut. While it appeared as though the entire house should have been haunted, the only source of anything creepy was the second floor bathroom that was at the base of the attic stairs. Each of my parents have their own story from that room:

    "My dad tells a story about how one day when he was giving my older brother a bath (who was about 3 at the time) in the white clawfoot tub, my brother stopped playing with his bath toys for a moment. He then calmly looked up at my dad and said "This is where I died. The white light." And then kept playing again. My dad suspects someone electrocuted themselves in the tub.

    "A few years later, when I was 2 and my dad and brother were off on a boy scouts' trip, my mom recalls a night where she heard me get up and walk down to the bathroom. She could hear me humming and tinkling. Now I was still potty training, so mom wanted to get up and check on me. When she rolled over, I was lying beside her, and the humming stopped. We moved."

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    This Guy's Dog FREAKED Out And He Never Found Out Why

    From magseven:

    "Back in junior high, it was the first time my parents left town and left me alone for a week. It's going good, I stayed in the basement and the entrance to the hallway that leads to my room had decorative beads hanging in the entrance way. I'm in my room watching TV with my faithful dog, Smokey, laying at the foot of the bed. All of a sudden he starts barking wildly. A bark I'd never heard out of him. Almost a cry. I think something is wrong with him and just as I almost get a hand on him, he jumps off the bed and dives under it completely silent.

    "I get to the floor to look under the bed for him and I hear the beads in the entrance way start to rattle together, as if someone ran into them with a lot of force. I sit there scared sh*tless for a bit, then grab a bat and investigate. The beads are still swinging with force, every door and window in the house is still locked from the inside, there aren't any air vents close to the beads, and Smokey refused to come out from under the bed for another two hours.

    "To this day, I have no idea what caused those beads to rattle."