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The Creepiest Thriller Series Ever Made

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List RulesVote up the television thriller series that historically are the best at delivering the creeps.

Thrillers have often done exactly as the name describes: they thrill viewers with shocking twists and frightening situations, but some thriller TV series manage to also thoroughly creep viewers out. Whether you're talking about a thriller that's all about a psychological horror or a thriller television show that delves deep into horrific things that can only be described as nightmare fuel, there are tons of incredible shows to choose from!

Shows like Breaking Bad thrilled audiences who couldn't imagine what Walter White might get into next. Each episode showcased his inevitable fall from lowly high school chemistry teacher into the biggest, baddest manufacturer of meth in New Mexico. If drugs aren't your thing, consider another option like Dexter, which follows the misadventures of a man who specializes in putting down serial killers... because he's a serial killer himself! Whatever your interests in this wide-open genre, there are dozens of amazing series that easily make it onto a list of the best thrillers ever!

Which of these creepy, thriller television shows freaks you out the most? Vote up your favorites and watch as the creepiest rises to the top!

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