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15 Ridiculously Creepy Easter Eggs You're Lucky To Not Find In Video Games

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Video game Easter eggs are almost as old as video games themselves. The first one appeared in 1979's Adventure, an Atari 2600 game, which involved its creator hiding his name in the game's code. The text had to be unlocked to be viewed by the player, a trick inspired by the hidden lyrics the Beatles had snuck into their records. Since then, Easter eggs quickly became popular not only in video games but among lots of other media, too. 

These secret tidbits can consist of anything from pop culture references, extra levels, character information, and audio files, to cheat codes, concealed messages, and fourth-wall-breaking developer's offices and cameos. Anything that seems amiss or diverts from normal gameplay is probably a deliberate wink and a nod from the programmers directly to the player.

Outside of the horror genre, Easter eggs are usually exciting to discover and fun to experience. However, there are also plenty of times when games that seem perfectly harmless have genuinely scared us by throwing an unexpectedly creepy one our way. 

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