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The Creepiest Videos Caught By Ring Doorbells

Home security technology has come a long way. We can monitor every room and the exterior for very little money, and it's all accessible from a smartphone. Even doorbell cams exist now, with companies like Ring manufacturing a variety of options. If you're not familiar with their products, Ring doorbells feature cameras built directly into the panel, so you'll always have a video of any person - or thing - that visits your porch.

Footage caught by Ring doorbells generally falls into the mundane category, but now and then, the devices capture unnerving and even downright eerie security footage. What's worse is that people have discovered ways to hack into the security devices and spy on families in their homes. A man named John Baker Orange actually sued Ring and Amazon after his Ring camera was hacked in July 2019; he claimed the companies were negligent in keeping their devices secure.

The following instances of real home surveillance footage fall into the creepy category. Be it strange and dangerous people caught on cameras, unwanted animals lingering on the porch, or potential paranormal activity, it's all been recorded.