Graveyard Shift The Creepiest Videos Caught By Ring Doorbells  

Christopher Shultz
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Home security technology has come a long way. We can monitor every room and the exterior for very little money, and it's all accessible from a smartphone. Even doorbell cams exist now, with companies like Ring manufacturing a variety of options. If you're not familiar with their products, Ring doorbells feature cameras built directly into the panel, so you'll always have a video of any person - or thing - that visits your porch.

Footage caught by Ring doorbells generally falls into the mundane category, but now and then, the devices capture unnerving and even downright eerie security footage. The following instances of real home surveillance footage fall into the latter group. Be it strange and dangerous people caught on cameras, unwanted animals lingering on the porch, or potential paranormal activity, it's all been recorded. So turn off the lights, put on headphones, and freak yourself out with these creepy Ring doorbell videos.

A Man Licked A Doorbell For Three Hours Straight

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On January 8, 2019, police started searching for a man in Salinas, CA, who spent three hours licking a doorbell in the middle of the night. The individual in question, Roberto Daniel Arroyo, was easy to track down, thanks to a newly installed surveillance system at the home. The Dungans were not home when Arroyo made his way to their doorbell, but their children were. Arroyo also moved an extension cord in the front yard and relieved himself on camera. 

"You kind of laugh about it afterwards because, technically, he didn't harm anybody, he didn't break anything," homeowner Sylvia Dungan told ABC

Arroyo may be facing charges of prowling and petty theft. 

A Man With An Assault Rifle Rang His Neighbor's Doorbell At 4 AM

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On September 10, 2018, a Florida man sporting a bulletproof vest and carrying an assault rifle rang his neighbor's doorbell at four in the morning. The homeowner grabbed her two children and holed up in the bathroom after spotting the man on her security footage. She immediately called the police and her husband, who was out of town for work. Roughly 25 minutes later, the police arrived. The man - whose identity has not been released - faced  aggravated assault charges. 

The homeowner said the daughter of the unnamed man had stayed at their home recently, claiming she was afraid of her own father.

A Mysterious Woman Rang This House's Doorbell At 3:30 AM

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On August 24, 2018, a resident from the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood in Montgomery, TX, contacted local authorities after a strange woman rang her doorbell in the middle of the night. A partially undressed woman - who appeared to be wearing some sort of hand restraint - rang the bell and left. 

Some people believed she was related to local missing persons, but law enforcement do not believe she matches the missing person fliers sent in. Deputies canvassed the area with descriptions of the mysterious woman and asked neighbors if they heard anything. 

On August 29, authorities identified the 32-year-old woman only as "Lauren." Police confirmed she was alive after a house call to a home in Sunrise Pines around 11 AM local time. A man in the home threatened suicide, and when authorities arrived, they discovered the 48-year-old man, later identified as Dennis Collins, died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Collin's girlfriend was the mysterious woman. Authorities say she is the victim of domestic violence.

On September 18, Lauren opened up on Inside Editiondetailing how she ended up at the doorbell. She fell asleep next to her boyfriend of four months and woke up to "what seemed like a nightmare."

“I woke up, and he was kneeling on my chest and stuffing some sort of cloths in my mouth,” she said. “I truly felt like I was going to die that night.”

Attempted Door Kick-In

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According to this video's description on YouTube, the man in the dark hoodie rang the doorbell around 2 pm, but the home's occupant couldn't hear it because he was wearing headphones.

The man left, but returned with his friend in the white hoodie about 15 minutes later. Presumably, the men believed no one was home. As such, the man in the dark hoodie attempted to kick in the door. The homeowner heard the loud bang and yelled out, scaring the men off his porch. The sound of the attempted burglar's foot hitting the door is especially jarring.