Graveyard Shift People Describe The Creepiest Things They Found In Abandoned Locations  

Jonathan H. Kantor
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People have always associated abandoned places with strange, unusual, and sometimes even paranormal occurrences, which is why many venturesome folks explore these locations on the regular. Thanks to sites like Reddit, people who adventure for fun have posted about the strange and unusual items they have found over the years, and some of the things they saw or picked up are undeniably creepy.

These so-called urban explorers of Reddit who risk life and limb to explore the world's abandoned places have posted their findings for all to see. Read their stories below, and vote up the items that are the creepiest of them all.

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A Mysteriously Rocking Baby Cradle

From Redditor /u/Lavrentiiy:

I was exploring a large abandoned hospital complex and came across a house on the property. I assume it once belonged to the head of the hospital and his family, as the complex was incredibly isolated and a self-sustaining place. We climb in through a downstairs window, and the house is in fairly decent shape and mostly empty... all apart from an old baby's cradle.

This thing was old. It looked Victorian, like it had been lifted off an old fashioned pram or stroller. Very Gothic looking, if I'm honest, and definitely not the kind of thing you would see anymore. We walked past and made some standard "that's creepy" comments and quickly checked out the rest of the house (there wasn't much).

We have to go back through the baby cradle room to get out the window, and as we walk in, I stop... in my tracks. My friend asks "what's wrong" and then sees for himself.

The cradle has moved several feet and is rocking. There is no breeze, and even if there was, that thing is heavy enough to have left light scratches in the wooden floor. We heard and saw no one else in the area. Still cannot explain it.

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A Possessed Music Box

From Redditor /u/rlife_productions:

Out exploring around 11:30 at night in the middle of a forest. We stumbled upon an old abandoned house. [It] didn’t seem too creepy at first until we stepped foot inside. Everything was pitch black and boarded off. Turning on our phone flashlights revealed children’s toys scattered all access the floors in every room, along with tons of... dolls and... [intimate] toys. The creepy part was when we ventured into the basement. [The] moment I turned the corner, [went] down the stairs, and looked in the basement, I heard a music box start playing from the other end of the room. Needless to say, the three of us booked it out of there as fast as we could. We have a video of it somewhere - not sure if I’ll be able to dig it up [since] this was a while ago.

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Piles Of Organs From Small Animals

From Redditor /u/csgreen2k11:

Abandoned women’s prison that’s pretty much fallen apart by now. Me and some friends were walking by moonlight and occasionally [by the light of] our phones. We’re following the path, and right smack in the middle are several piles of organs from small animals... like six to seven piles [of] hearts, lungs, kidneys, and possibly the liver. They all looked pretty fresh, they weren’t decayed, and they were still pretty moist. There wasn’t any blood around or obvious tracks/foot prints. We noped the f*ck out of there [pretty quickly] that night.

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The Clothes Of A Possible Murder Victim

From Redditor /u/DarrenEdwards:

I found a bloody shirt, pants, shoes, and underwear in an old busted-down house in the woods. When I say bloody, I mean pretty sure somebody was [slain] bloody. Might be me making something out of nothing, but [nonetheless] creepy.

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