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Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from Alabama

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Alabama urban legends are often rooted in the state's Civil War history, as tales of phantom fallen soldiers are not uncommon in the area. However, these are not the only unsettling stories to grace the state. From abandoned churches haunted by hell hounds to headless ghosts, Alabama folklore has a little of everything. These ghost stories from Alabama will leave you with a serious case of goosebumps. 

Strange disappearances, tragic deaths, weird events, and unexplainable sites are just a few chilling details of creepy Alabama legend. The state can boast haunted bridges, schools, mansions, churches, hospitals, and even a haunted playground on the grounds of a centuries-old cemetery. If you love your spooky tales with a southern flavor, you will be delighted and terrified by this list of spectacular haunts. 

  • Slag Of Sloss Furnace

    Found in Birmingham, Alabama, Sloss Furnace supplied the necessary steel to build skyscrapers and automobiles across the country throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. Much local lore has sprouted up surrounding the company and its success, most notably the tale of James "Slag" Wormwood. 

    Slag was the supposed foreman of the furnace during early 1900s and was known to force workers to endure brutal conditions to meet production needs. Workers often worked long hours with minimal sleep and were exposed to temperatures over 100 degrees. During Slag's reign, 47 workers died due to mishaps and accidents. The mistreatment went on until Slag lost his footing and fell to his death into a pool of melted iron. While ruled an accident, many speculated that fed up workers pushed Slag into the iron. 

    Slag's spirit is rumored to linger at the furnace. Workers have reported being pushed by unseen forces and hearing an angry voice say, "Get back to work." Workers also endured mysterious burns and some even reported seeing a half-man/half-demon lurking on the grounds. 

  • The Ghost Of Sally Carter

    The saga of Sally Carter is a well known legend around Huntsville, Alabama. Carter was a Huntsville resident who died in 1825 after a brief illness, just a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday. Visiting her grave at night was a common ritual for Alabama ghost hunters, and people sometimes swear they saw bones near her grave. However, when a building was constructed over Carter's grave in 1982, the family had her body excavated and moved to an undisclosed location. 

    Carter allegedly first appeared as a ghost in 1919, seen by a 17 year old boy in his dreams. The boy fell asleep the night of a thunderstorm and reported Carter came to him in his dream and told him her tombstone had fallen over and she needed him to place it upright again. Sure enough, when the boy checked the graveyard the next day, Carter's marker had indeed fallen.

  • The Disappearance Of Orion Williamson

    Orion Williamson is a well known legend around Selma, Alabama and his saga has spawned conspiracy theories and ghost stories for decades. According to the local lore, Williamson was a farmer who lived in Selma in the 1800s. One day in 1854, he was walking from his porch to the nearby grazing horses. After waving to his neighbor, he vanished into thin air. The grass in the spot where Williamson stood also supposedly vanished and, while his wife sometimes heard him calling from the backyard, he was never seen again. Eventually, authorities declared him dead after an extensive search. 

    Did this actually happen? Reported on paranormal blogs and sites for amateur sleuths such as reddit, the story's origin is murky. That does not stop people from believing, however, and searching for plausible explanations such as magnetic fields. 

  • Hell's Gate Bridge

    The infamous Hell's Gate Bridge in Oxford, Alabama is rumored to have been home to a tragic death, so haunting is par for the course. According to the story, a young couple died on the bridge and still haunt the grounds. Supposedly, if you drive over the bridge at night, stop your car, and turn the lights off, you'll be visited by a member of the couple who may even climb into your car. There have also been rumors that, if you stop your car on the bridge and turn around, you'll see the fiery gates of Hell. 

    Unfortunately, the bridge is no longer opened to traffic. It was closed down in 2005, although that hasn't stop paranormal enthusiasts from forgoing rules to investigate anyway. In 2017, there were some tentative plans to demolish the bridge, so it may sadly disappear from local lore in the near future.