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The Creepiest Things That People's Smart Home Systems and Alexas Have Ever Done

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Technology hurtles forward at a startling pace. If you’ve ever heard someone complain that they just replaced their cell phone only to discover that a new model came out the day after, you know the frustration and often confusion that accompanies rapid technological progress. One fairly recent trend in consumer technology is smart home systems. These devices can dim your lights, adjust your thermostat, and even play any song imaginable with simple vocal commands. As such gadgets become more common, so do weird smart home stories that will leave you wondering if you really want to bring such a device into your abode. 

One of the most popular home systems is the Amazon Echo. Echo's AI assistant, Alexa, is well-known for her intuitive but often odd behavior. Creepy Alexa stories have become a staple of social media. While many customers rave about the convenience of having Alexa in their house, some have stories detailing her more eccentric moments that range from light and humorous to utterly chilling. Alexas have done some questionable things, but they're far from the only scary smart home tech out there. From hack-able baby monitors to devices that record you at random, you'll find some true horror stories below. Whether or not you own one of these devices, these tales will give you pause before you blindly plug yourself into the expansive Internet of things.

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