People Describe Their Personal Alien Abductions

Have you ever witnessed a UFO in the sky or experienced creepy figures standing at the end of your bed, but passed it off as something commonplace, like an airplane or sleep paralysis? Although these strange experiences can be rationalized with logic, what if these happenings were of the paranormal variety? What if you really did see an extraterrestrial spacecraft in the sky? What if those creepy figures you saw were actually aliens abducting you?

For the Reddit users whose true alien abduction stories appear in this list, these nightmare scenarios are all too real. From waking up in a totally different location to seeing creatures that are not of this world, these accounts real alien abductions may change the way you look up at the night sky.

  • Student Experiences The Ultimate Lost Time Scenario

    From Reddit:

    "I can't say for sure what happened to me that night, but here is what I know.

    I was driving home for the weekend from school at Indiana University. It takes me about two hours to get home, and I left Bloomington around 10 pm. At exactly 10:53, I am on a rural stretch of the two-lane highway I take home when I notice what appeared to be flashing lights behind me. I thought, "Great, I'm getting pulled over," so I turned onto the next country road about a quarter-mile from where I noticed the lights. As the car came to a stop and I started to open my glove box to get out my registration and proof of insurance, the lights suddenly disappeared, and no car drove past.

    Now here is where the story takes a turn for the weird, and I am sure you guys will think I'm just making it all up because it really does seem like something straight out of a typical UFO movie or story.

    The electronics in my car started to go haywire. The radio was randomly changing stations while the volume kept going up and down while the dome light and headlights start to flicker, turn off, and back on. This was at 10:56 pm. I start thinking to myself that my battery must be failing or else I have a short somewhere in the electric system of my car. I lean down to pop the hood, so I can take a look at the battery - and that is the last thing I remember doing.

    The next thing I know, I open my eyes and see nothing but the night sky full of bright stars - it was a cold night, and it seemed like I had never seen stars that bright in my life. I sat up and looked around, and I saw absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. I was in the middle of a field surrounded by corn stalks left over from the recent harvest. As I started to come to my senses, I started to freak out. Where am I? Why the f*ck am I asleep in the middle of a field? Where the f*ck is my car? I got up and started walking toward the distant headlights I could see from a road about half a mile away.

    When I got to the nearest intersection, I looked at the signs which read 350 North and 50 West. I was half a mile away from my car which was just right off the main road. I started walking toward the headlights I could see on the main road. I can't say how long it took me to walk the half-mile, but it couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes.

    When I arrived at my car, all the lights were out; my battery [had failed], which struck me as odd because I couldn't have been gone for that long. I looked at my phone which was sitting on the passenger seat, and the time was 2:17 am - over three hours had passed since I turned off onto the side road for the flashing lights behind me. I remember sitting in my car completely dumbfounded, wondering what the hell had just happened to me.

    After about half an hour of just sitting there, I remembered that my battery was [not working], so I got on the phone and called AAA to come out and give me a jump. It took about an hour for them to get out to me since I was a good distance away from the nearest town. During this time I just sat in silence, running through the possible scenarios in my head concerning what had just happened.

    To this day, I couldn't tell you what really happened to me that night. All I know is I can't think of any plausible explanation as to why I woke up over half a mile away from my car in the middle of a cornfield more than three hours after I had stopped. I have only shared this story with one other person. I am sure people would either look at me like I'm crazy or they would call bullsh*t on the whole story, and I can't blame them. If somebody came to me with a story like that, one that so closely mirrors the stereotypical encounter story, I probably wouldn't believe them either."

  • The Beguiling Red Light

    From Redditor/u/Nihilistic_dawn:

    "One night few years back, my friend (who is driving) and I were taking his girlfriend home when he decided to take the 'long way home.' As we are driving along this fairly deserted back road, I begin to zone out. I stare at this blinking red light off in the distance and casually think to myself, 'I wonder when they built a cell phone tower all the way out here.'

    Suddenly, it blinks and is dramatically closer than it was just a moment earlier. At this point, my friend points it out and stops in the road. It blinks once more and is directly in front and over the top of us; the red light is so bright it floods the car in a deep scarlet hue. I lean forward, so that I can see directly into the light. In that brief moment, I feel a flood of negative emotions - the closest description I can offer is to that of being naked under a giant microscope and having every pore examined thoroughly.

    I then look away from the light to my friend and ask him to drive; he barely responds, apparently in a similar state. Then, he snaps out of it and starts driving. As we get a little ways down the road, I notice the red light isn't fading, and the interior of the car is still clearly lit by it. I look out the window and to my horror the light is following us and does so for approximately one to two miles. The light unexpectedly veers off to the left and comes down to ground level in a patch of trees adjacent to the road.

    My friend stops the car again, continues to stare at it, and abruptly declares he is going to get out and look it like he is in some sort of trance. He opens the door, and I grab his arm and tell him if he does I will get in the driver seat and leave him - we had to leave that instant. He looks at me, seems to come to, and punches the gas so hard the tires lose traction and spin.

    The light remained stationary as we rode away, but I've never looked at the night sky the same." 

  • A False Memory?

    From Redditor/u/Curtis187:

    "One night, I go down to the kitchen to drink water (at about 4 am), and I hear this weird, kind of low-pitched buzzing sound coming from outside. I go out to the backyard and sh*t you not, I see this f*cking bright rounded object (UFO) hovering about 600 feet right above me.

    I just froze there. I almost felt like I was paralyzed for a moment. I watched it ascend higher into the air and take off at an incredible speed then disappear into the clouds.

    That night, I had a dream that I was abducted. Now when I think about it, I wonder if the dream was real, but was purposely made to seem like a dream?"

  • It's Just Sleep Paralysis...Or Is It?

    From Redditor/u/TBatWork:

    "I occasionally suffer from sleep paralysis. It developed in my early twenties, and I've had the alien [encounter] dream. My dad and I loved to watch shows about aliens, so I assume people who claim they were abducted had some form of sleep paralysis.

    It started with flashes of blue light, and I felt myself being lifted out of bed by the chest. I was blinded by a white light, and I could hear a loud mechanical whirring. When I woke up, I was sitting up in bed with my chest stuck out. My arms were holding me up.

    The experience was the most intense sleep paralysis dream I've ever had. I can see how someone else could have that dream, panic, and tell everyone about it."

  • One Day We'll All Learn The Truth

    From Reddit:

    "My mom tells a story of her and her friend. Let's call her friend Lisa.

    When my mom and Lisa were teenagers, they were up on the roof of Lisa's house, and they see a bright light in the sky. Next thing they know, the light is gone. Thing is, they think they've been on the roof for like 15 minutes, but something like 3 hours passed.

    My mom doesn't remember anything about what happened during that time, and Lisa simply refuses to talk about it. She would answer my mom with things like, "I dunno," and "Just drop it," for a long time.

    A couple months later, my mom moves away and loses contact with Lisa for about 10 years. She finally meets up with her again and immediately notices that something is odd about Lisa. She appeared very "distant" to her, with a very "dreamy" demeanor like she was really happy and at peace for no good reason.

    After they talk for a bit, Lisa brings up the incident on the roof. My mom says she still doesn't really remember anything about it, but Lisa remembers. She remembers everything. She said that at first, it was all in bits and pieces, and she couldn't remember any of it clearly. She was confused, scared, and wanted to avoid discussing it. Then, as time passed, she began to remember more of it.

    She remembers it all clearly, and she remembers the other three times she was abducted after that clearly as well. At first, they paralyzed her somehow and did all sorts of invasive experiments on her, but by the most recent time, they stopped probing her and began to talk with her. They didn't speak English or any other human language, but she could understand everything they said even though she can't speak their language herself. Apparently, they told her all sorts of things - stuff about space, Earth itself, and most shockingly, predicted years beforehand that she would get pregnant in a specific year and it would also be a stillborn, and that she would never be able to have children again. They also told her that it was not their fault, and they even made an attempt to save her from this fate, but they were unsuccessful.

    They also told her that they had abducted my mother another time after that first incident. My mom says she has no recollection of any other [encounters], but she does have recurring nightmares of being abducted, but she's "almost sure" that they're just that - nightmares.

    Anyway, Lisa tells my mom that every time she speaks with them, she comes to understand "the truth" more and more. When mom inquires what "the truth" is, Lisa just says that "you will know eventually," and she says that once she learned of "the truth," everything became wonderful.

    My mom has seen her a few more times over the years (we still live in another state from her), and she apparently has a pretty normal life, and doesn't obsess over alien stuff (like some supposed alien abductees do). She only ever brings it up in passing, so it's not a central part of her daily life."

  • The Dream Warrior Battles The Greys

    From Redditor/u/AzureW:

    "I always used to have nightmares about "the Greys" or nightmares about watching a UFO in the sky just hovering and looking at me. Sometimes, I would be minding my own business in these dreams and when the Greys would come, a feeling of indescribable horror would overtake me. I would try to run in these dreams, but I would "feel" the aliens crawling into my mind. I would become staggered and dizzy, and then, my eyesight (eyesight in the dream) would fail. My limbs wouldn't move properly - then, nothingness.

    I would wake up sometime later shaking, perhaps trying to rid myself of the sleep paralysis. I would often sit awake for an hour or so, and every time I thought about the nightmare, I would get the most intense shiver up my spine. Sometimes, the dreams happened more than one night, and I always seem to have these dreams when I travel or go on vacation.

    One night, I decided I had enough and went back into the "dreamworld" knowing what awaited me. Predictably, the Greys came, and I could feel them probing my mind again. As they got closer, I became more dizzy and unfocused. Suddenly from nowhere, I pulled out a sword and [took care of them]. I woke up, and I haven't had a dream like that since (it's been three years).

    I have no doubt it was just my mind, and that I "conquered" some fear I had from watching too many Stephen King movie adaptations as a kid, but it's very interesting to think: "What if they were real and were probing my dreams, and I destroyed their dream avatar or something?"