Graveyard Shift 15 Creepy Movie Moments And Alternate Endings That Never Made It To Screen  

Drew Grant
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Depending on how strong your stomach is, you may already know about these disturbing scenes cut from horror movies. But a movie's genre doesn't preclude it from having shot footage that ultimately turned too weird to include in theaters. Below, some of the strangest scenes you've never seen from, from movies you'd never expect.

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Empire Strikes Back: Luke And Leia's Smoldering Sexual Tension

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Gross gross gross gross gross. As if the somewhat chaste kiss in the beginning of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back wasn't enough to gross out audiences everywhere by the movie's big reveal, imagine watching this extended cut in theaters, where the sexual tension is ramped up to...well, still not very much, considering no one can kick game while sporting Luke's bowl cut. Still creepy though!

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Pig Head Scene

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There is nothing more disturbing than 90 percent of the toon stuff in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That's just a given. But one scene that was determined too creepy even by Toontown standards to make it to the big screen was an ongoing bit regarding Eddie Valiant (Bob Haskins) and a cartoon pig's head he's forced to wear after being caught by Judge Doom and his weasels. After getting “Toon-a-rooned” by the goons, Eddie then washes off his Porky Pig face...letting the viscera and eyeballs float down the bathtub drain.

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Scene starts at 1:39

The infamous scene cut from 2017's IT involved Pennywise before he was a clown, eating a human baby. Yikes. Maybe not as disturbing but certainly eeek-worthy is this deleted scene where bully Henry stalks the Loser's Club in his car with his BFFs in tow... and oddly silent.

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Wild At Heart: Johnny's Extended Death Scene

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Can you imagine a scene so disturbing, even David Lynch cut it from a film? That was the case in Wild at Heart, where Johnny (Harry Dean Stanton) is tortured by the hired goons of Lula's mother, Marietta Fortune (played by Laura Dern's actual mom, Diane Ladd). 

As the story goes, "audience members walked out in droves during Johnnie’s death scene, because it was too visceral and violent, and soured the tone of the whole movie." However, the DVD of Wild at Heart includes an extended version of the scene, which, while incredibly creepy, is no more violent or disturbing than anything else in the movie. 

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