Graveyard Shift People Describe The Creepiest Things Amazon Alexa Has Done  

Jake Black
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Many people believe the gleaming sci-fi future The Jetsons promised never came to pass. Our lives are just as dull as they were 50 years ago, and horrific robot attacks or artificial intelligence uprisings don't happen nearly enough. Sure, there are some creepy AI stories out there, but aren't they just one in a million random occurrences? Well, maybe not. Just take a look at some of these Amazon Alexa horror stories.

If you think about it, many of us really are living in the future. We have the ability to shout commands that our robot assistants will gladly obey. Whether it's Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, or Google's Assistant (any of them except Samsung's Bixby, really), most of us have AI home devices that help us accomplish our everyday tasks. But what happens when our Alexas and our Google Homes stop being helpful, and start being creepy? It's a problem that seems to be happening a lot lately, as many have reported that Alexa has been randomly laughing at them. 

As it turns out, a disembodied laugh is the least scary thing to have come out of Alexa. After you hear some of the creepiest Amazon Alexa stories, you'll probably reconsider your decision to have a robot listening in on your every word. 

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Alexa Knows All The Local Funeral Homes And Cemeteries

From Redditor /u/HeyItsCamo:

"This creepy thing happened last night. We got home and, totally unprompted, our Amazon Echo/Alexa started talking. And then I realized it was listing off local cemeteries and funeral homes??? I'd rather it laugh at me tbh."

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Alexa Purposefully Tries To Be Scary

From Redditor /u/Gamur:

"In the past six months I've had a handful of strange occurrences with the Echo doing things when no one was in the room. The app showed no commands or recordings.

It scared the hell out of my wife by playing Halloween sounds late one night when she was alone."

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Alexa Has A Mysterious Friend Named David

From Redditor /u/thirtytwoounces:

"Just last night I was woken up by Alexa at 3am talking about someone named David. Thought I was talking in my sleep but there's no prompts after I set my alarm that evening.

Creeped me the Hell out."

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Alexa Has A Thirst For Knowledge

From Redditor /u/worivh

"My mom’s Alexa randomly turned on and started glowing and my mom was like 'Alexa what are you doing?' And she said 'I'm trying to learn new things' and my mom said 'No one told you to do that' and she was like 'ok' and turned off."

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