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15 Photos That Might Just Contain Actual Angels

Since the dawn of the written word scholars have debated the existence of angels, the worker bees of God who either watch over mankind or show up right when someone needs to be ushered off to the great beyond. If you need visual evidence to believe in something, then these unexplained, eerie pictures of "angels" might make you ponder life after death and the gossamer wall between the real world and the afterlife.

Both skeptics and true believers will find something here to consider, and could walk away with their convictions strengthened or shattered altogether. And if nothing else this should serve as a reminder for you to keep your camera’s battery charged at all times to capture the inexplicable. Keep reading to see some truly strange photos of angels among us. 

  • Angel Or Not, This Is Creepy

    Photo: YouTube
  • God Never Said Anything About Purple Neon Angels

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
  • Everyone Needs A Guardian Angel When They're Playing With Fireworks In Their Backyard

    Photo: YouTube
  • Can You Tell An Angel To Get Off Your Lawn

    Photo: YouTube