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13 Anime Clowns You Definitely Don't Want To Mess With

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If you've got a fear of clowns (or coulrophobia), then this might just send you into a panic. Clowns are creepy enough in real life, and with the way that cartoons tend to over-exaggerate personalities and stereotypes, you can bet that some super creepy clowns have made their way into anime.

These are some of the sickest and most twisted creepy anime clowns ever conceived. Basically, they are far from the type you'd feel comfortable with being anywhere near during a child's birthday party. 

From scary clowns that slay in warped circus acts to deranged jesters with firearms, brawn, and telekinetic powers, let's get down to the creepiest clowns you'll see in anime. Seriously, these are some real freak shows, y'all.

  • Hisoka is a crooked clown from Hunter x Hunter that only lets his opponents go if he thinks he'll get even greater pleasure from taking them out later.

    He is a sociopath and a sadist to the core, and essentially gets a thrill from toying with his targets.

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    Quetzalcoatl - 'Beelzebub'

    The demon clown Quetzalcoatl certainly isn't as colorful as the plumed serpent deity that he's named after. This black, white, and red-clad clown from Beelzebub ensnares opponents in crooked "games," much like a weirder clown version of Jigsaw from Saw. 

    Of course, these puzzles eventually change from games into life-threatening scenarios.

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  • This sinister clown from D.Gray-man doesn't seem so intimidating from the outside. But Millennium is far from a happy, fun-loving jester. Well, unless your idea of fun is completely psychotic.

    Earl hates humanity and turns humans into akuma that obey his every command through the power of mind control.  

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    Piedmon - 'Digimon Adventure'

    Piedmon - 'Digimon Adventure'
    Photo: Digimon / Fuji TV

    Digimon's Piedmon is one of the toughest and most sadistic of all of the Digital Monsters that the DigiDestined encounter. He rules the Dark Wastelands and commands an entire army of ruthless Digimon henchmen.

    Possibly one of the creepiest things Piedmon did was disguise himself as a clown and narrate the DigiDestined's impending doom straight to their faces.

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