This Artist's Creepy Work Transforms Your Favorite Childhood Characters Into Horrible Nightmares

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While we have seen our fair share of adorable or gender bender fan art, there hasn't been too much scary character art popping up on the interwebs. Fortunately, some of the best artists in the world have started sharing their personal and professional collections of creepy fan art online for anyone and everyone to see.

There are few artists better at creating compelling and scary character art online right now than Berkozturk. Known for how well they create a balance between classic storybook art styles with much darker, horrifying material, Berkozturk's art has amassed an impressive online following throughout the years. And for good reason.

For those of you out there who might not already be familiar with Berkozturk, here are 12 of the artist's best creepy kids art from over the years.