Babysitters Share Their Creepiest On-The-Job Moments

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For many young people, babysitting is an experience of important firsts. It could be the first time they're in charge of children, their first job earning money, or their first step into more adult type responsibilites. For these babysitters, it also heralded the first time they realized just how creepy kids could be. Even just one unsettling experience could leave someone swearing off babysitting for good. 

The brave babysitters of Reddit have shared their most eerie and hair-raising tales of babysitting that could have you seriously rethinking spending time with kids alone. 

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    They Stopped A Child From Stabbing His Sisters

    From Redditor /u/KochiraChiRah:

    I was babysitting a couple of siblings: a brother and sister, and the sister had a friend over to play with as well. The two girls were 5, the boy was probably 7 or 8---a little older. I was watching them during the day on a weekend, because their single mom had to go into work.

    When I got to the house, the boy was zoned out watching tv, and the little girls were playing with dolls in another room. The morning went fine, but in the afternoon, as I am making lunch, I hear screams in the backyard. I run back there, and the boy is weilding a seriously sharp kitchen knife---the two little girls have baracaded themselves into one of those plastic play houses and are screaming in terror, and the boy is madly stabbing the knife through the slits in the windows, laughing. As I run over, I am shouting at him to stop, but he keeps stabbing, and I have to tackle him and wrestle the knife away. I ended up getting some cuts on my hands in the process, and the boy was kicking, punching, and biting trying to get out of my grasp.

    I somehow manage to drag him away and throw him in his room, and call his mom at work. She comes home a few hours early, clearly p*ssed that I called her and grumbling about how he obviously wasn't going to hurt the girls. She gave him a good smack, but basically told me I was a bad babysitter. I was not that old myself, only 12--and terrified--so I just nodded and went home without getting paid.

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    Sitter Runs Around House Trying To Find Who Is Sobbing

    From Redditor /u/blumpkinunicorn:

    I started babysitting my neighbors a little before I should have. I was 9 years old, I think, and I had just put the 2 girls to bed. I went downstairs and turned on the TV. Almost immediately I heard one of the girls crying, run to the bathroom and slam the door. But this wasn't like them. I went back upstairs and tried to enter the bathroom but the door was locked and the little girl wouldn't respond, just cry. I decided to check on the second sister.

    They share a room with a bunk bed. Both of them were sound asleep.

    But I could still hear the hysterical crying. I ran back downstairs, still hearing the crying. Their parents returned half an hour later and we all went to check the bathroom, still audible crying. But this time the door wasn't locked and the crying quietly faded as we approached. I retired my babysitting career that night.

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    The Ghost Wanted To Play With The Babysitter

    From Redditor /u/soapypenguin123:

    I was babysitting my cousin one time and we were playing dress up so she decided to start making my hair, we were sitting in front of the mirror and the entire time she kept looking at something over my shoulder in the reflection, there was nothing there so after about 10 minutes I asked her what she was staring at and she goes "the tall man, he says he wants to play with you" needless to say i did NOT want to play with him ...

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    They Interrupted Satan Scaring Kids

    From Redditor /u/Gweni:

    I had put the kids to bed and I was chatting on the phone in the kitchen when suddenly I hear the three year old girl crying hysterically. I dropped the phone and ran into the room and she basically jumped in my arms, clinging to me for dear life. Her two year old brother was laying in bed, wide eyed and silently terrified.

    When she finally calmed down enough to talk, I asked her what was wrong, and she looked me straight in the eye and said "Satan is scaring me." Her brother just nodded.

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    Child Did Not Want To Go To Bed So He Pulls A Knife

    From Redditor /u/trousercobra:

    When my mom was a teenager, she was left to babysit my uncle (then maybe 6 or 7).

    She told him to get his pajamas on and/or go to bed. He didn't want to.

    He came back two minutes later with a knife, and she had to use the ironing board as a shield for protection until my older uncle sneaked up and grabbed him from behind.

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    A Child Gets Rid Of Goldfish For New Pet

    From Redditor /u/thefeelixfossil:

    I was babysitting a really sweet, polite 9-year-old girl. She was telling me about the pets she'd had in the past. Apparently she'd wanted a guinea pig (which she has now), but her mother wouldn't let her get one because she already had a goldfish.

    So she's telling me this and then she leans over to me and goes, "So.... I murdered it.".

    According to her she waited until everyone had gone to bed, then snuck downstairs and repeatedly ran over the goldfish with a toy truck. Put it back in the tank, and upon discovering its death, scuttled off to get her new guinea pig.

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