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17 Creepy Photos Of Beluga Whales And Manatees

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Beluga whales and manatees are two of nature's most beloved sea creatures, but only if you look at them from the right angle. Yes, even the most seemingly harmless marine mammals can look creepy. Some manatee and beluga whale photos make these animals look downright menacing, and others make belugas look like humans to an unsettling degree. These photos prove that, in the right light, even lovable animals can be downright frightening.

Beluga whales looking human is surprisingly common, and manatees have often been credited as the inspiration for the legends about mermaids. Both of these animals have anatomies and personalities that are remarkably similar to people, and these photos capture that spirit like none other. While the idea that you could see a bit of yourself in a manatee may seem ridiculous at first, these creepy beluga whale photos and pictures of manatees show just how human – and just how bizarre – they can be.