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Campers Are Sharing The Creepiest Things That Ever Happened To Them In The Wilderness

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Redditor u/cherrylbombshell asked fellow redditors the question: "Campers of reddit, what's the creepiest thing that happened to you in the wilderness/ at the campsite?" and the answers ranged from freaky to funny to full-blown terrifying. Vote on your favorite creepy camper tales below.

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    They Never Figured Out The Source Of The Mysterious Footprints

    From Redditor u/DieselDown:

    I used to camp pretty often at a wilderness spot that was a flat ridge on top of a big steep hill. One section had a trail that was steep but manageable, but the rest of this hill is almost vertical and would be impossible to climb without ropes and a bunch of climbing gear.

    Even though the top was flat, it was a heavily wooded area, thick pine trees. Lots of underbrush. Great views of the area, and far enough off the road we never saw other people.

    That particular trip, my girlfriend and best friend came along, so 3 of us spread out in 2 tents. Sometime in the middle of the night a storm blew through and dropped about an inch of snow on our tents. It was a calm night without any wind, and really peaceful all zipped up in our sleeping bags.

    When we woke up at first light there was a distinct trail of human footprints in the snow that went all the way across the ridge, through our camp, and came about 2 feet from our tents.

    The crazy thing was the footprints started from an area that would be impossible to climb up, and ended at another area that would be impossible to climb down. Let alone in the dark with snow making the rocks slippery.

    We measured the foot prints and they were smaller than my friend and I’s boots, too big to be my girlfriend’s.

    Could never figure out how someone climbed up that section in the middle of the night, moved through the thick forest without making a sound, and came so close to our tents without anyone knowing. Creepy enough we packed up pretty fast and got out of there!

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    An Abandoned Tower With Evidence Of Animal Sacrifices

    From Redditor u/EhlersDanlosSucks:

    I was on a Search and Rescue training weekend. We specialized in locating downed private planes so we were seriously in the middle of nowhere. Hours into the woods, we found an old abandoned lookout tower. The inside was covered in huge graphic paintings of animal sacrifices. The middle of the room had a pile of animal bones. The whole thing was unbelievably creepy.

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    The Camper And Dog Had A Stand Off With A Grizzly Bear

    From Redditor u/misses_massacre:

    I live in Montana, so camping is just what we do. I'm an experienced camper, and have ran into a lot of situations doing so, but the creepiest/scariest one was when we were camped by Cooke City here in MT. The area is well-known for grizzly bears. I'd camped in grizzly territory lots of times, so it didn't bother me. When grizzlies pass through your camp sites they usually don't mess with your stuff, because experienced campers have nothing exposed which would interest a predator. However, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by my dog Duke, who was low growling. I looked at him, and he had his eyes totally fixed towards the outside of the tent and he was ready to attack.

    It took me a minute, but then I heard the unmistakable sound of massive bear paws on the ground RIGHT outside the tent (once you know the sound, you never forget it). My dog kept growling, and the bear began sniffing at my tent forEVER. I was completely terrified, as my gun was on the other end of the tent. I didn't want to make a sound crawling over to it, as I didn't want to alert the bear that food (me) was inside. So I laid perfectly still.

    Duke continued to growl and growl at the bear, until finally the bear pawed at the tent in an attempt to get in. He didn't claw at it the first time, but his claws scraped across the canvas and it terrified me. That's when I instinctively (scared) shouted out, "Hey, f**k off!!!" and it scared the sh*t out of the bear. You could hear it startle and run off a bit. I grabbed my gun and unzipped my tent a little to peek outside. I couldn't see the bear in the darkness, but my dog took off running in the direction the bear had fled. That's when I heard it lumbering off into the forest. Eventually, Duke (the good boy) came back, and would not get back in the tent. He sat outside the tent the rest of the night, keeping watch. He was a good boy. RIP, Duke.

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    It Was So Silent That It Became The Scariest Place To Sleep

    From Redditor u/MasteringTheFlames:

    A few years ago, I loaded a bunch of camping gear onto my bicycle and spent the better part of the next seven months riding 5,300 miles (8,500 km) around the US. Most often I preferred to wild camp. An hour or so before dark, I'd start looking for somewhere to disappear into the woods for the night, somewhere people were unlikely to find me and even less likely to care that I was there.

    A remote forest makes for far from a silent night's sleep. Think of all the crickets in a suburban neighborhood on a summer night, and amplify that by about a thousand. There were always so many crickets and toads, and even the slightest breeze would stir music out of the tree leaves. Maybe I'd camp near a babbling creek. And it was always a highlight of the night —though not particularly uncommon— to hear the yips and howls of distant coyotes. I can recall one night where I fell asleep to the sound of two nearby owls, one on either end of my tent, calling back and forth.

    One night in late September or early October, I was camping somewhere in the mountains of western Montana. And it was dead silent. There was not the slightest sound to be heard, not a single cricket, no nearby river or faraway coyotes. The dry leaves of autumn surely wouldn't've required a strong wind to stir their song. And yet, there was only silence.

    It was terrifying. I can only describe it as the loudest silence I've ever heard. It felt as though the entire forest was hiding from an equally silent predator. Suddenly the occasional snapping of a twig —a common sound normally lost in the cacophony of the forest— was like a gunshot. I slept terribly that night, and morning could not come soon enough.

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