15 People Share Their Creepiest Camping Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Nature lovers: vote up the creepiest camping stories that would have you packing up early.

If you love the outdoors then there's a good chance you also love camping. A trip into the wilderness can be very relaxing, but these creepy camping stories demonstrate that it isn't always fun and games. If you'd like to know what to expect while camping then keep reading these spooky stories.

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    There Was A Man Watching Them In The Night

    From a former Redditor:

    I live in a rural town surrounded by mountains and forests, so camping is almost a weekly event; even in winter. The one I can’t shake is when I and a friend broke off from our group of other 16-19-year-olds to camp by a better fishing spot about a mile away. We only brought one tent for the group, so we built a lean-to against a large boulder in a clearing. I couldn’t sleep because I had the feeling something was watching us. I assumed it was a mountain lion which isn’t that big of a deal considering their behavior, so I threw some more logs on the fire. I looked up from the fire, and under the light of a full moon, there was a man standing at the edge of the clearing about 80 yards away. I was frozen and couldn’t take my eyes off him while he assumedly stared back. He walked off in the opposite direction after about a minute or two. I doubt he had any ill intentions, but I sat there holding my friend’s 357 the whole night.

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    They Thought A Bear Was Sniffing Around Their Tent, But It Was Actually A Man

    From Redditor u/minusthelela:

    Went on a group camping trip in the middle of nowhere Arizona only to awake and hear something sniffing the outside of our tent. My immediate reaction was that it was likely a bear or some animal that came across our site, and just maybe my dumb*ss friends didn’t tie up the garbage? Seconds later, I can hear the sniffing go to the tent next to ours and everyone in mine grabs one another quietly to acknowledge we all were awake and were aware of what’s happening outside.

    Then, a friend in another tent popped out and started to scream and make noise, hoping it would scare off whatever animal was in our site. Turns out, it wasn’t an animal. It was some guy who had gone through our coolers/food and also decided it’d be okay to sniff our tents.

    Our friend chased him off and we immediately packed our sh*t and left.

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    There Were Three Mysterious Bags Left In A Remote Camping Spot

    From Redditor u/wdh662:

    The creepiest was camping with my best friend. We were in a semi-remote camping area. Drive-able usually to get to it but definitely only with a 4x4. It was a semi-maintained camping area as in there were a couple of fire pits, a few rotten picnic tables and a run-down outhouse. 

    So we get there and start setting up when buddy wanders over to the outhouse and opens the door. He stands there for a second or two and then closes the door and goes to the 2nd one, goes in, and comes out a few minutes later.

    He comes back to me and says go check out that first one. I assume someone sh*t on the floor or an animal got stuck in there and perished or something.

    Nope. 3 full backpacks. And I am talking big bags. Like, the bag I have that size I use for week-long trips. So we are nosy. We open them up. 2 are full of good quality gear. Nothing unusual. The third is full of skittles. Bulk bags. Small bags. Regular. Tropical. Sour. Every flavor and size of bag you can imagine. Just full of skittles.

    Camped for 4 days. Never saw a soul. The bags were still there when we left. We let the COs know when we got to civilization.

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    They Had To Resort To Punching A Hyena In The Face

    From Redditor u/Sa-alam_winter:

    In their late twenties her and my father were teaching in Lesotho. On the holidays they would go on camping trips in the massive parks in Zimbabwe. They were young and stupid, and didn't know the dangers of camping in Africa, and they had my sister with them, who would have been less than a year old at the time.

    One night, they were camping in a tent and had my sister between them, when they heard sounds outside. They say it sort of sounded like someone coughing. My sister was making baby noises, and it seemed like it attracted more coughing animals outside. Soon it sounded like a whole pack of something was outside the tent.

    One of the animals then start sniffing the tent, and it seems like it was trying to dig under it to get to my, now crying, sister. My panicked parents were trying to find a way to save themselves and my sister, and in a panic induced rage, my mother, with all the might and glory that only a mother who is scared for her child's life can produce, punches the snout of the hyena sniffing the tent. To this day my parents swear that the animal screamed in terror, and the whole pack ran off.

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    A Massive Storm Nearly Ended Them

    From Redditor u/random_buddah:

    Went to Guatemala with my girlfriend, we did a 3-day hike through the jungle to Tikal. Slept in a tent at two tiny ranger campsites deep in the woods. During the second night, a massive thunderstorm was coming down above us. At 4 am I woke up and heard some male voices and left the tent to check them out. Two guys with rifles approached me. Told my girlfriend to stay in the tent because... scary. She didn't comply and joined me... turns out those guys were local hunters looking for shelter in the camp. Offered them coffee, they were more than happy. About 30 seconds later, the storm got so intense, that a huge tree fell. And fell onto our tent... if I had not left to check out the guys or worse, my girlfriend would have listened... we'd both be very expired now.

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    Their Dog Absolutely Lost It On A Hike

    From a former Redditor

    My dog absolutely lost it on a nice hike. Like, she was scared for her life, and would have ran out into the woods had she not been on a leash. Lucky that she didn’t pull me over and run away anyway. My mom and I are pretty sure there must have been a mountain lion stalking us, and the dog could smell it. Scary as f*ck, because we didn’t see anything, and if it had been one of us alone, who knows what would have happened.