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17 People Discuss Their Creepiest Camping Experiences

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The woods and wilderness get creepy when you're in them after dark, no matter whether you're an experienced camper or a first-time trekker. When at the mercy of nature, campers may find themselves faced with some strange, inexplicable experiences. Scary stories of campground legends and monsters in the woods certainly don't make you feel any better about the figure you saw lurking just outside the campsite.

Even many a veteran camper can't explain everything they've seen, which some actually attribute to being a fun part of camping. If the thrill of camping going wrong thrills you, do you. But the creepy tales on Reddit go far beyond the "Oops, I mistook a raccoon for Bigfoot"-type stories and delve into things that range from overtly terrifying to simply mysterious.

  • Stayed In A Haunted Cabin

    From hawtcheck:

    "I once stayed in a cabin in Arkansas facing the river. One side of the cabin was almost all window with no blinds or anything, which made me feel really creeped out, especially the first time it got dark and you couldn't see outside. The first night we stayed there, this beating started on all sides of the cabin' it was loud and eerily fast paced, moving from one wall to the next to the roof, etc.

    A few times the gas-powered fireplace would roar up and then go out, the TV would turn on and just be static, really cliche stuff. We would also hear whispering at night and because I was too much of a wuss to sleep with the lights off after the first night, we left the hall light on and the bedroom door shut and locked... until we started seeing shadows under the door.

    We got the f*ck out of there! I don't know if the place was poorly built or people were messing with us or what, but the shadows under the door was way too much for me. Camping is fun though, give it a chance! Despite being scared as hell it's one of my fondest camping memories."

  • Caught In A Tornado In The Woods

    From Yardobeef:

    "A tornado. No tales of monsters, ghosts or campfire murder stories. Sheer natural terror. Groups of 8-to-14-year-olds, miles away from our parents, all gathered in little rickety bunk houses with mattresses against the windows and scared to death. Luckily, nobody got hurt. When walking to arts and crafts the next day, we saw a massive tree ripped out of the ground, roots and all. I had no idea they had that kind of power. Even 20 years later I feel lucky to have gotten back home alive."

  • They Performed An Exorcism In The Woods

    From detsnam:

    "Our whole camping group was in the big 'party' tent, cracking jokes, talking, laughing, being typical noisy, tipsy teenagers. When the noise hit a lull, it got just quiet enough for one person to hear a barely-audible chanting.

    'Everybody shut up right now!' One of us cracks the entrance zipper open a tad and looks out to behold something none of us could really comprehend or process for a few minutes. A family was rocking back and forth near the fire pit, muttering incantations in an attempt to perform an exorcism on their mentally ill, disabled children who were in the center of the circle. They gradually got louder and the rocking more violent; they started shaking the kid as we all looked on trying not to draw attention to ourselves. Many crazy moments we had."

  • Odd Carvings In The Trees

    From daringconfection:

    "Around 18 months ago, when my girlfriend and I first got together, we went camping regularly with a couple of friends in a large ancient forest. We would go in, set the tent up in the light, have a barbeque and some beers, then sleep. Well, our friends would. 

    We went several weeks running. Same routine, different friends each time, etc. until one night we decided to leave the tent and return later so we could get some more 'supplies.'

    We returned to the tent at dusk, but found a stick figure made from twigs at the entrance of the tent. We smoked a bit, had some booze. One of our friends, who reluctantly joined us on this occasion, turned strange. He disappeared into the woods, which we found strange as he was petrified on the way into the woods, and then we could hear nothing but singing for at least an hour. He eventually returned, and we continued to party until it started to rain heavily, at which point we decided to call it a night.

    We woke up in the morning and decided to pack the tent down. It eventually became obvious that the trees surrounding our tent had the same shape as the figure carved into the bark. We pretty much rushed to get out of there, and came across a still-burning pit of fire surrounded by felled trees. That was the final straw, so we ran the remaining mile back to my car.

    I have to add that the woods I'm talking about has a history of deaths and suicide, and has also had reports of witchcraft too. In fact, the surrounding 20 miles has quite a lot of stuff like that."