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17 People Discuss Their Creepiest Camping Experiences

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The woods and wilderness get creepy when you're in them after dark, no matter whether you're an experienced camper or a first-time trekker. When at the mercy of nature, campers may find themselves faced with some strange, inexplicable experiences. Scary stories of campground legends and monsters in the woods certainly don't make you feel any better about the figure you saw lurking just outside the campsite.

Even many a veteran camper can't explain everything they've seen, which some actually attribute to being a fun part of camping. If the thrill of camping going wrong thrills you, do you. But the creepy tales on Reddit go far beyond the "Oops, I mistook a raccoon for Bigfoot"-type stories and delve into things that range from overtly terrifying to simply mysterious.

  • Crazy Laughter In The Trees

    From tePOET:

    "I was camping in a tent, in the middle of the woods. It was not an actual campground, and no one else was around, just me and my bro. So we were having a good time, drinking and enjoying a nice bonfire. We went to sleep around 2 AM or so.

    I was awakened by a sound, a combination of maniacal laughter and screaming. But it sounded high up, as if in the air. There were also noises that I can only describe as coconuts falling from a tree and banging on the ground, yet only pine trees surround us. We freaked out and stayed in tent, until 'it' or 'they' went away. Never found out what it was."

  • It Was A Short, White Solid Shaped Figure

    From LittleDolly:

    "Just after finishing our GSCEs a group of my friends and I went camping. The weather was naff and on the whole huge campground there was pretty much just us and a group of Irish scouts. So we all ended up hanging out together along with the youngish guys who ran all the activities on the site.

    Technically any activities had to be booked and paid for in advance but these guys were bored so they let us do anything that didn't involve expensive equipment for free.

    On our last night they took us on the (pathetically unscary) ghost walk. It was so wussy that we took over in the end and started telling them creepy stories. When we were all pretty much ready for bed our group went across the field to our tents, all laughing and joking, until one of the other girls stopped still and said loudly,

    'What's that in front of our tent?'

    There was a short, white figure pacing in front of one of the tents, about thirty feet away from us. It was dark, but we could all see it as a solid looking shape. One of the girls screamed and it stopped pacing and rushed at us.

    I have never run faster in my life, I lost my shoes half way across the field and kept going straight onto the tarmac road and down to the activities buildings. We went back with about twenty scouts and some burly guys with big lanterns but there was nothing to be seen.

    Who knows, it was probably just mist or something, but it was shit scary at the time. Hasn't put me off camping though. Man up, OP, and get your rear in a tent."

  • Someone Died In A Nearby Tent

    From SoIHeardYouLike:

    "I went camping with immediate and extended family for a weekend in the summer. My older adult cousins start drinking in the afternoon and everyone is having fun but not going overboard.

    Some younger guys from a campsite right next to mine come over, introduce themselves, and hang out. They're drinking too, but a lot more heavily. The later it gets the more drunk they get and they eventually break out moonshine. They drink that along with beer until early in the morning while we're all sitting around talking. We all go to bed finally and I wake up in the morning to ambulance sirens. One of the guys had died in the tent right next to ours in the middle of the night from all the drinking. It was really creepy to realize I'd been sleeping that long next to someone who had passed away. I also saw them bring out the stuff in the tent that was covered in vomit/blood which was gross, but also made me feel bad for the friends that were with him because they were cleaning it."

  • An Arm Pressed Against The Tent

    From smellyarmpit666:

    "My friend and I set up a tent to camp in her yard. She lives in the middle of nowhere and her closest neighbors are the Roloffs from Little People Big World. In the middle of the night she woke me up saying she heard something. We heard footsteps right outside of the tent. I was hoping it was just a small animal because it was really quiet. But it could have been someone trying to be very sneaky.

    At one point, some kind of body part, maybe an arm, pressed on the tent. It wasn't a small animal. My friend and I were too in shock to scream. There was about a ten second silence until the tent's door started opening super fast! ZIP ZIP! We screamed our lungs out until her mom came to rescue us. Her dad looked around their farm but found no one."