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Creepy Myths And Urban Legends From Canada

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Considering Canada's wide expanses of wild and uninhabited land, it's no wonder the country inspires a considerable amount of myths, ghost stories, and urban legends. Not to say creepy stories don't come out of Canada's major cities - Toronto and Montreal both feature supposed paranormal presences as well. From lake monsters to wolf people, traditional Inuit legends often mix with more recent stories to create some of the most terrifying tales in the world.

Like creepy myths and urban legends from across the globe, Canada possesses its own brand of scary stories. An infusion of French and Inuit culture gives Canada's urban legends a distinctly regional twist. The country has many ghost stories and legends about terrible beasts who may have slain people and wreaked havoc long ago. Canada's history includes some compelling UFO stories as well, due to its remote landscapes. It's known for its maple syrup, hockey, and moose, but you might be surprised by what creepy creatures and legends Canada might hold.

  • Wendigo Hunt People In The Woods Of Ontario

    Native American tribes from throughout the northeastern region of North America tell tales of a malevolent, 15-foot tall, flesh-eating monster called the Wendigo. Born from dark human acts, the Wendigo uses its magic to track any person who unwittingly walks through its territory. The creature is associated with harsh winters and famine. It is said to have long claws, sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and can possess people who display greed, gluttony, and excess. 

    Modern reports and sightings have been recorded since the 1800s, most notably in the town of Rosesu, MN. There, whenever the creature was seen, an unexpected passing soon followed.

    People still report sightings of the Wendigo, primarily in Northern Ontario.  

  • The Spirit Of A Girl Haunts The Screaming Tunnel

    Although the Grand Trunk Railway closed down long ago, one tunnel below the tracks is allegedly quite active. According to urban legend, if a person stands in the middle of the so-called Screaming Tunnel and lights a match, a strong wind will blow out the flame and visitors can hear a woman's scream. 

    Multiple stories explain the eerie sound. One explanation says a young girl was caught in a barn fire and tried to escape, but ended up stuck within the tunnel. Another version of the legend claims the girl was severely mistreated and burned to hide the evidence. A third version alleges the girl's father got rid of her by setting her ablaze. 

  • Dozens Of People Met Their End In The Headless Valley

    In 1908, people began finding headless forms in Northwest Canada's Nahanni Valley. Some attributed the suffers to the Waheela, a giant, wolf-like creature that hunts in packs of two or three. An estimated 44 cadavers have turned up in the valley since then, including a prospector whose cabin burned to the ground in 1917 and an unknown miner found still in his sleeping bag in 1945. The area appropriately became known as the Headless Valley.

    While the slayings could also be attributed to native groups, competitive prospectors, or hungry grizzlies, many still believe the mysterious packs of Waheela are to blame.

  • A UFO Base Lurks Below The Surface Of Lake Ontario

    Conspiracy theorists claim aliens have created hidden underwater UFO bases all over Earth, including one that supposedly lies below the surface of Lake Ontario. People say they often see unexplained lights over the water. One resident of nearby Hamilton, Ontario reported walking home from work when he noticed glowing orbs in the sky. He felt a strange sensation that caused him to freeze. The 10 orbs floated for several minutes before flying out towards the water. 

    Another story claims a group of people witnessed the floating lights in 1981. They noticed an orange flying-saucer-shaped craft traveling alongside their car. While the craft was in their vicinity, the car radio became nothing but static. The group followed the strange object only to see it fly over Lake Ontario, descend at an angle into the water, and ultimately disappear below the surface.

    Others who have claimed to have seen the lights say they are orange in color and most often appear between Toronto and Oakville.