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Creepy Myths And Urban Legends From Canada

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Considering Canada's wide expanses of wild and uninhabited land, it's no wonder the country inspires a considerable amount of myths, ghost stories, and urban legends. Not to say creepy stories don't come out of Canada's major cities - Toronto and Montreal both feature supposed paranormal presences as well. From lake monsters to wolf people, traditional Inuit legends often mix with more recent stories to create some of the most terrifying tales in the world.

Like creepy myths and urban legends from across the globe, Canada possesses its own brand of scary stories. An infusion of French and Inuit culture gives Canada's urban legends a distinctly regional twist. The country has many ghost stories and legends about terrible beasts who may have slain people and wreaked havoc long ago. Canada's history includes some compelling UFO stories as well, due to its remote landscapes. It's known for its maple syrup, hockey, and moose, but you might be surprised by what creepy creatures and legends Canada might hold.

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