15 People Describe The Creepiest Things They Found In Graveyards

Graveyards generally creep people out all on their own without any outside help. The strange shadows cast by the tombstones, the pressing silence, the dead people - all of this lends graveyards a sense of unease.

However, the living can provide their own bit of eeriness to a grave by leaving things behind. The stories included here, direct from cemetery workers and posted to Reddit, are about some of the weirdest, creepiest, and scariest things people leave at their loved ones (or not-so-loved ones) graves. 


  • A Plastic Cup, A Burnt Baby Doll, And An Abandoned Corpse

    My best friend and I worked at a cemetery as groundskeepers as juniors/seniors in high school. It was easy money, five-bucks-an-hour (in the late 1970's), mostly for edging, trimming, and keeping the graves tidy. We tore around the place in a souped-up golf cart with our tools in back. It was annoying to work in the rain, and it rained often, but it was truly a gravy job. No pun.

    There were a lot of dead flowers to remove, along with numerous empty liquor bottles and used condoms. There was a widow who left scribbled notes, torn from a reporter's notebook, upon her husband's grave - all completely illegible. On the graves of children, a lot of sodden stuffed animals, that were sometimes mysteriously muddy.

    The creepiest thing I saw was a plastic drink cup and wet baby doll, nails stuck in its head and burnt as if someone went over it lightly with a blowtorch. I kept the head and hung it from my rear-view mirror like a graduation tassel.

    But the worst thing I saw was the naked corpse of a young woman my age, a student at a neighboring high school, left neatly with her arms at her sides one foggy Saturday morning. She had been strangled right there, and her killer also punched her in the face several times before she was dead. Though she was identified quickly, her clothes were never found and her murder never solved.

    My friend and I got grilled by the police over several sessions, but we didn't know anything. My friend quit a couple of weeks later, but I hung on until I turned 18 when I was eligible to work in my uncle's printing plant.

    I'll never forget the bruises and her open dead blue eyes.

  • There Was Human Hair At The Gravesite

    Not really a "leave" per-se, but a relative of mine who worked in a cemetery told me this story:

    It is a very old cemetery, a good few hundred years, and the church next to it existed before the 16th century. Considering the fact it is a remote place as well, most people back in the day were buried with wooden crosses and such. As time goes on, crosses rot away, new people get buried, etc. Nowadays, due to less people living in the countryside, that cemetery is pretty much growing over - a sad sight for such a pretty place.

    Anyways, so someone was taking care of their relative's grave and decided to expand the area around the grave (for some reason here we are not particularly fond of grass - rather a well-leveled ground with zen-garden-ish lines made with a rake). The person removed the grass, and tidied the place up with a rake when they raked up white hair from the ground. They freaked out and left, leaving my relative, the cemetery attendant to find this hair coming out of the ground. She reported it to the church and supposedly they reburied the body.

    Not even sure how there could have been a body so close to the surface.

  • A Fetus In A Jar

    For years in my home town, there's been a fetus in a jar left at a grave site. It's been there since I was a kid, and I should also say that if it is a fetus, it no longer looks like one. We've been told for years it is one, so the townspeople don't touch it.

  • A Live Chicken

    Once I saw a live chicken shackled to a headstone.

  • An Old School Flip Phone

    I worked at a cemetery one summer as a grounds keeper. One thing I saw that seemed strange at first was an opened flip cell phone.

    Upon closer inspection of the tomb stone, I realized it belonged to the deceased, who was in her late teens or early twenties when she passed away.

    A very sad reminder to me that even though I was around her she when she had passed, I'm not invincible. Sometimes people forget that, especially when they're younger.

  • Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs And Other Paraphenalia

    I've never worked at a cemetery, but I once taggged along with a friend who did a while back.

    He and I were walking around the whole site when we spotted something pink and feathery hanging off one of the statues situated above a grave. As we walk over we see it's a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs with matching panties just dangling off a statue. We both had a good laugh, but still never knew why someone choose to display those items on a loved one's public grave. We figured it was just their way of showing their respects, or someone was having raunchy cemetery sex in the dead of night.