Weird History

9 Creepy Facts About Seemingly Innocent Children's Games

Children's games seem pretty innocent. Tag is a simple game of chase, while pastimes like hopscotch and jump rope teach cooperation and teamwork. Children all over the world are encouraged to play in order to make new friends, help their brains develop, and enjoy some exercise.

But there are secret dark sides to many of these recess activities. Some childhood games with creepy origins have been enjoyed for centuries, while the true meanings behind them have been lost or conveniently forgotten. Is "Ring Around the Rosie" about the plague? Possibly, and it's not the only childhood game that references the deadly illness. As for blind man's bluff, it was likely invented as an easy excuse for some light flirtation. Read on to discover more weird game facts, from the hidden, not-so-innocent meanings of nursery rhymes to the military background of hoop rolling.