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People Describe Ghosts That Haunted Them When They Were Kids  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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It's been said that kids are more open to the supernatural, perhaps because their minds haven't been closed off to the possibilities that ghosts really exist. That makes these Reddit stories about childhood hauntings even creepier. The real stories listed here include ghosts encountered by kids of all ages. You might want to read them with the lights on. 

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A Phantom Woman Sings in the Night

From Mrhegel

When I was younger, I used to think I was having dreams of an old woman in a blue dress and cat-eye glasses sitting at the end of my bed singing to me. She'd always sing the same song and then leave. One night I followed her into my brother's room (he is younger than me and was around 5) and instead of singing to him, he woke up and they began talking. After like 20 minutes, my mother came in and asked what we were doing. My brother said "I'm just talking to the lady in the blue dress." She made us go back to bed. I woke up still thinking it was a dream. My mom told me the next morning that she didn't want me sneaking out of bed anymore in the middle of the night to play with my brother. I asked her what she was talking about, and she gave me her version of what she saw the night before.

To this day I believe that was real, and that every night the old woman would sing to me. I get goose-bumps just thinking about it. She stopped singing to me soon after that, though people in my family still caught my brother speaking to nothing on numerous occasions.

A while later, an aunt came to visit from down south and refused to come in to our house after seeing an old woman in cat-eye glasses standing in the upstairs window. She came in asking who was upstairs, then freaked out when my mother told her no one and let her search the house.

The Feel of Disembodied Hands in Church


My family was very religious when I was growing up. One time, we were in church and they'd asked a few members to go to the front so they could pray for someone specific. (They were led to a small wooden railing, like a church pew with no seat.) My aunt had gone to the front and brought 5-year-old me with her. We closed our eyes and started singing and lifted our hands in prayer (Pentecostal) and after about a minute, I felt someone's hands touch mine, like flat against mine. I swayed my hands slowly from side to side as I'd seen the adults do, and the person touching my hands followed along as normal. I thought it was the pastor's wife, who liked me and in general really liked all the children of the church. I was so happy she'd chosen to pray with me that after a few minutes, I decided to break prayer protocol and open my eyes to smile at her, but quickly realized it wasn't her. It wasn't anyone. I looked from side to side to see if maybe the person had moved on to pray with someone else, but everyone else was doing their own thing. There was no one else there, but I distinctly felt someone's hands touching mine. I know I wasn't mistaken, I mean, you would be able to tell if someone placed their hand on yours, right? I don't know if this qualifies as creepy, but for me it's still unexplained.

Staring Red Eyes and a Spooked Dog

baronjohnson tells this story:

I woke up in the middle of the night and I looked in the corner of my room and saw a hooded figure next to my dresser. At first I thought it was just some clothes hanging off my dresser, but then it turned and I saw red eyes staring at me. I immediately jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. There were no clothes hanging off my dresser. I would have just brushed it off as a bad dream, but then I saw my dog staring at the corner. I was outside of the room and I kept calling for her to come out, but she would not stop staring where I had seen the hooded figure. She did not react at all to me calling her, and so I finally just went back in my room and yanked her off the bed. I slept in the living room the rest of the night, and my dog slept in my parents' room for the rest of her life.

A Ghostly Woman in a Skirt in an Old House

From a Reddit user:

Part of my dad's job when I was younger was to go around a very old house that was falling apart, and check on these dowel things in the walls every 6 weeks. He basically replaced them and packaged the ones we took out, and sent them away to find out how the building was drying out after years of rain leaking in. This was a listed building and the company wanted to bring the house back to its former glory, but as far as I'm aware since my dad stopped working for them, it's back in complete disrepair.

I would go along with him on a Sunday morning to do the changes of these dowels, since I loved being down there and have always been interested in history. So, off we went one morning and turned on the generator and my dad got to work, I'd normally wander around playing Indiana Jones by myself, since this was a huge manor house. It was a construction site, but I was old enough to appreciate the rules and knew not to go near any holes or find a way to fall through the floor.

So, my dad is busy getting to work on the first dowels when I'm playing upstairs in one room I always liked because it was a child's room. I had claimed it as my own play space whenever I visited. I played for about 5 minutes when I felt someone was watching me, and I turned around to see what looked like a long skirt follow someone along the hallway. I sneaked out and tried to see who was there, and saw the back of a lady walk into another room wearing a floor length skirt. I tried to follow her, but when I went into the room literally 2 seconds after there was no one there. I called my dad and we checked every room in he house, but no one was there. The only way to exit would have been to walk past us, so I have no idea what I saw.