People Describe Ghosts That Haunted Them When They Were Kids

It's been said that kids are more open to the supernatural, perhaps because their minds haven't been closed off to the possibilities that ghosts really exist. That makes these Reddit stories about childhood hauntings even creepier. The real stories listed here include ghosts encountered by kids of all ages. You might want to read them with the lights on. 

  • A Phantom Sleeping in His Brother's Bed

    From mikecarroll360:

    When I was 12, my little brother Rogan was six. I had another brother and sister that were at friend's houses for the night, and my dad was on business in Sweden for a week. So it was just me, my mom, and Rogan that night, I guess. I didn't talk to anyone but my mom that night, and that was only to get a snack, because I sat in my room playing video games. So around 10 pm, I walked out of my room to get another snack, and passed Rogan's room with its door open. I looked in for a second to see him sleeping. Only he was sleeping facing the wall, breathing heavy, sweating and skin eggshell white. I ran downstairs to get my mom and tell her that Rogan might be having a seizure. She told me he was at his friends Ryan's house! I said someone was in Rogan's bed. She didn't believe me so I walked upstairs with her to see the bed and sheets covered in fresh sweat and messed up with no one in it. My mom called Ryan's house and Rogan was put on the phone. My mom said goodnight and she went back to bed. I didn't sleep that night and just continued to play video games.

  • A Ghostly Old Woman Peeks Into the Room


    Laying in bed one night, it's pitch black apart from the light creeping under the door from the landing. My mum was actually with me in the same room, as we had  just moved in and she was sleeping on the floor.

    I look up and the door slowly creeks open and an oldish woman peers around the door, looks at me, and goes away.

    I just thought I was having a nightmare, so I turned around really fast, and went under the covers, hoping I would wake up.

    Then I will never forget my mum whispering to me "Did you just see someone peer round the door?" Safe to say we didn't sleep a wink that night."

  • Daughter Gets Visit from Great-Grandparents

    Ryliesmama tells this story:

    When my daughter was an infant we of course had baby monitors. One night, really late, we heard two people on the monitor talking... a man and a woman. They were talking about how peaceful she looked... we both went running to her room and she was laying there peacefully sleeping, with no one in the room. My husband swore it sounded just like his dead grandparents.

  • Attacked by Shadow People

    Reddit user PsychedelicGoat42 says: 

    In high school, I used to hang out with my friend "John" almost every day. When we first began hanging out at this house, I would sometimes hear disembodied footsteps, but very often I would see what looked like the shadow of a person out of the corner of my eye, only to have it disappear moments later. After a month or so, I finally mentioned this to my friend and he got mad - he demanded to know who had told me he saw "shadow people" and begged me not to joke around with him about it. I assured him I was serious. Soon, we would hear laughter when no one else was home, doors would close by themselves, and the TV would turn itself on and off.

    One day, after these experiences had grown more intense and more frequent, I mentioned to my friend blessing the house. Right as I said this, a box sitting on a nearby counter flew right towards me. It sounds unbelievable, but it was the single most terrifying experience of my life. My friend and I got holy water and sprinkled it around the house while saying a prayer and never experienced anything in the house again. Months later, my friend came to stay at my lake house with me for a weekend. At one point in the night we both thought we saw a "shadow person" but decided to pass it off as nothing.

    Later that night, we woke up to what sounded like voices coming from the living room. He went to investigate, thinking someone might have broken in, and I stayed put. A few moments later I heard the sound of someone thundering down the hallway, and ran out to see why my friend was running -but he wasn't in the house. My friend was outside on the porch, and came inside saying that he had heard a loud noise from the house, too, and thought it had been me.

    Nothing else happened for the rest of the weekend, but the next time I went to the house, after it had set empty for a week, a picture frame with my photo in it had been ripped off the wall and thrown down the hall, and the pillows from my couch were stacked one on top of the other, in the very middle of the couch.

    I've since stopped hanging out with "John," and I've never experienced anything of this sort again.

  • A Phantom Woman Sings in the Night

    From Mrhegel

    When I was younger, I used to think I was having dreams of an old woman in a blue dress and cat-eye glasses sitting at the end of my bed singing to me. She'd always sing the same song and then leave. One night I followed her into my brother's room (he is younger than me and was around 5) and instead of singing to him, he woke up and they began talking. After like 20 minutes, my mother came in and asked what we were doing. My brother said "I'm just talking to the lady in the blue dress." She made us go back to bed. I woke up still thinking it was a dream. My mom told me the next morning that she didn't want me sneaking out of bed anymore in the middle of the night to play with my brother. I asked her what she was talking about, and she gave me her version of what she saw the night before.

    To this day I believe that was real, and that every night the old woman would sing to me. I get goose-bumps just thinking about it. She stopped singing to me soon after that, though people in my family still caught my brother speaking to nothing on numerous occasions.

    A while later, an aunt came to visit from down south and refused to come in to our house after seeing an old woman in cat-eye glasses standing in the upstairs window. She came in asking who was upstairs, then freaked out when my mother told her no one and let her search the house.

  • The Feel of Disembodied Hands in Church


    My family was very religious when I was growing up. One time, we were in church and they'd asked a few members to go to the front so they could pray for someone specific. (They were led to a small wooden railing, like a church pew with no seat.) My aunt had gone to the front and brought 5-year-old me with her. We closed our eyes and started singing and lifted our hands in prayer (Pentecostal) and after about a minute, I felt someone's hands touch mine, like flat against mine. I swayed my hands slowly from side to side as I'd seen the adults do, and the person touching my hands followed along as normal. I thought it was the pastor's wife, who liked me and in general really liked all the children of the church. I was so happy she'd chosen to pray with me that after a few minutes, I decided to break prayer protocol and open my eyes to smile at her, but quickly realized it wasn't her. It wasn't anyone. I looked from side to side to see if maybe the person had moved on to pray with someone else, but everyone else was doing their own thing. There was no one else there, but I distinctly felt someone's hands touching mine. I know I wasn't mistaken, I mean, you would be able to tell if someone placed their hand on yours, right? I don't know if this qualifies as creepy, but for me it's still unexplained.