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Horrifying Christmas Ornaments To Haunt Your Dreams And Your Christmas Tree

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Christmas is a time of joy – a time to argue with your drunk uncle about politics, a time to field questions about when you’re finally bringing home a nice girl, and a time to eat Grandmother's cooking until you literally can't move. While most of us enjoy chugging down some egg nog and trimming the tree, we don't often count creepy Christmas ornaments terrifying all who go near the tree among the highlights of the the holiday. But hey, everyone's design aesthetic is different.

Between horrifying Christmas songs and creepy photos of Santa Claus (you know, the guy who breaks into your home while you sleep), Christmas may as well be the new Halloween. Jack Skellington was on to something, but even the scariest Christmas tree ornaments probably aren't intending to be so horrifying. They're like an unruly eight-year-old on Santa's naughty list. Does any eight-year-old really deserve coal? Either way, Christmas tree ornaments that are truly terrifying will have you screaming what the fa la la la la.

Whether it's well-intentioned vintage ornaments or questionable Etsy crafts, these gruesome decorations for Christmas trees are next-level horrific.