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Creepy Stories and Legends About the Claremont Hotel

For years, there have been stories of ghosts and other weird occurrences at the historic Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California. The Claremont's haunting has been well-documented over its century of service. During this time, the hotel seems to have accommodated more than one ghostly guest.

The Claremont Club & Spa has been in operation since 1915, providing luxurious accommodations just over 10 miles from San Francisco. With 276 rooms, 22 acres of landscaped gardens, 10 tennis courts, and three outdoor heated saline pools, the Claremont offers top notch lodging to Bay Area visitors. It has also hosted some rather unusual experiences.

These are just some of the scary stories from the Claremont. Witnesses include guests, staff, neighbors, and even NBA players. Some of the stories revolve around a six-year-old ghost child. Other stories recount the smell of smoke from a long extinguished fire. Most of the activity seems to be located on the fourth floor. All of it is genuinely creepy.

  • Guest Hears Strange Voice Coming from Room 422

    According to a guest named Kim was walking around outside the hotel with her husband. She saw a room on the fourth floor with a window open and the curtains billowing out into the air. Thinking this unique, she took out her phone and started recording it.

    Later, she played back the recording. What she heard filled her with terror. Distinctly audible was the sound of a little girl calling out "Mom..." She played it back to her husband and he heard the same thing.

    The staff told Kim that in the 1930s, a family had stayed in Room 422 for some time. They had a six-year-old girl who went missing. On the fourth day of the girl's disappearance, hotel staff found the body of the little girl in a laundry chute in the basement. Apparently, the girl had gone down the chute looking for her ball, but others think that the girl was shoved into the chute.

  • Ghost Girl in Room 422

    The ghost of a little girl has long been associated with Room 422. Guests have reported strange noises, smelling inexplicable smoke, and the voice of a little girl in that room and on the entire fourth floor.

    It is believed that said girl died when she was around age six, either in the hotel or in the 1901 fire that happened before the hotel was built.

  • Ghost Tries to Murder Guest in Room 307

    During her stay in Room 307, one guest reports having a terrifying encounter. She awoke during the middle of the night to someone pulling the sheet over her head. The force then pushed her face into her pillow, suffocating her.

    The guest screamed and the entity vanished. She checked the room and no one was there. The door was still bolted from the inside.

  • Dresser Drawers Opening and Closing

    One person reported on TripAdvisor that a room in the tower is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of an older woman who died in the fire. Guests have had trouble opening the door to get out, and dresser drawers have been inexplicably opened.