20 People Share Their Creepiest Classmate Stories

Given that it is possibly the easiest way to survive adolescence, "being normal" prevents many from making that plunge into social exclusion. But while this deters most from becoming pariahs, someone's got to fill the role. You know, the one who ate glue, the one who 'lost' pets, who collected classmates' hair, all for the entertainment, and disbelief, of you, your classmates, and even your teachers

One of those places where people want to share all of those horror stories is Reddit, the perfect corner of the Internet for everything too weird to go anywhere else. From simply cringe-inducing behavior to actual murderers and sex offenders, the tales here depict classmates you'll be thankful won't be at your next reunion.

  • Something Smells Off

    This is in Grade 11. This weird kid that wore Hawaiian shirts every day. Long greasy hair, obnoxious, talks like he's super smart (Spoiler: he wasn't), and was just all around weird.

    In day one of Law class, he's leaning on his desk, smelling the girl sitting in front of him. She goes to the washroom, and he grabs her pencil case, and smarts sniffing it. She walks back while he's in the middle of this. She switched to a different class the same day.

  • The Fleshlight Gentleman

    There was kid who would do all sorts of strange sh*t. He once brought a condom into the Latin class I had with him, and he blew it up like a balloon. A bit later, he excused himself to the bathroom. He came back with a piss-filled-condom-balloon, which he sling across the room into the trash; thankfully he was a good shot because it popped, filling the trash with his piss.

    Another time he came into school with one of those body pillows that have weird anime girls on them, which he would hump in the locker bay. He took it to all his classes, and sat it down next to him.

    The third incident happened several years later, and I can't even begin to comprehend how he managed it, but he snuck 69 volleyballs, all with dildos attached to them, into a basketball game. All hell broke loose. There were dildos on the court, balls flying everywhere, and the band couldn't play because of how hard they were laughing. It was truly the most hilarious thing I have experienced.

    The weirdest part? He wasn't a strange kid; he was very nice, social, captain of the track team, knew everybody. He did the impossible, combining the tropes of strange antisocial freak with the teenage heartthrob's life. He and I have since become incredibly close friends, and he still does shit like this all the time.

    He would also drink soda out of a fleshlight. I don't even know.

  • A Knife And Butter

    I knew a kid who brought a bowie knife to school every day tucked into his hoodie sleeve, ate nothing but full sticks of butter and cans of Campbell's soup (which he opened with his knife), and always talked about who he was going to kill. I ended up making friends with him, partly because I felt bad for him, and partly because I didn't want to die if he decided to shoot up the school.

  • The Creative Writer

    A friend found a flash drive full of erotic stories featuring girls in our school, moms, and community members written by a classmate. Total, there were about 40 stories, all about seven-to-eight pages long, single-spaced.

    Luckily for us, the friend who found the stories had the foresight to print one out before handing in the mammoth work of erotic 'literature.' The story opened with the narrator cleaning the pool of our female gym teacher while she tanned naked. The story progressed pretty predictably for about three pages and then took the WTF turn of the century. The narrative skips forward several months and we find the teacher pregnant with twin love children. Miscarriage ensues, and there were several pages dedicated to describing the emotional pain, before the big finish of the narrator and teacher creating new love children.