20 People Share Their Creepiest Classmate Stories

Given that it is possibly the easiest way to survive adolescence, "being normal" prevents many from making that plunge into social exclusion. But while this deters most from becoming pariahs, someone's got to fill the role. You know, the one who ate glue, the one who 'lost' pets, who collected classmates' hair, all for the entertainment, and disbelief, of you, your classmates, and even your teachers

One of those places where people want to share all of those horror stories is Reddit, the perfect corner of the Internet for everything too weird to go anywhere else. From simply cringe-inducing behavior to actual murderers and sex offenders, the tales here depict classmates you'll be thankful won't be at your next reunion.

  • Fifth-Grade Fecal Gymnast

    This boy in 5th grade pooped in class at his desk, rolled the log down his leg, and kicked it over to under a girl's desk.

  • The Pubescent Predator

    Kieran was that kid in my middle school, around the time where everyone was discovering their raging hormones, and sexual humor became everyday thing for us. Kieran took it too far, however, and was forever talking about sex and wishing he could f*ck everything that moved.

    He even confessed that he fantasized about rape because "she'd enjoy it too, even if she pretended not to." Creepy, creepy kid.

    Well, at one point Kieran wasn't in class for three days in a row, so we all started to wonder what happened to him. Turns out he had been masturbating under a table to dirty drawings he had done, been caught, and sent to the principal's office.

    On the way there, he saw a younger girl walking back from the bathroom and forced her to follow him into the boy's room where he tried to rape her. Fortunately for her, an older kid was using the stall next to theirs and stopped everything and screamed for the security and teachers. Last I heard, Kieran's doing hard time for a long list of violent and sexual crimes.

  • Leo Loves Hair

    'Creepy Leo': 6 ft. something, crazy eyes. Generally just acted and said weird sh*t all the time.

    One day in chem lab he came up really close behind me (mind you I'm 5'4" and had super long hair) and said in a low voice, "Can I have one of your hairs?" with this demented, weird look. I was very creeped out but I gave him one to make him go away, which he then lit in the Bunsen burner. Wtf.

  • The Straight-Up Murderer

    I went to school with Jean Pierre Orlewicz. He's creepy because of this.

    He was arrested on November 12th, 2007, and charged with the November 7th murder and decapitation of Daniel Sorensen, 26, in the Detroit suburb of Canton, Michigan. Sorensen's torso was found on the side of a road. His hands and feet had been burned with a blowtorch and his head was found nearly 15 miles away. He had been stabbed 12 times.

    Orlewicz was charged with premeditated murder, felony murder, and mutilation of a corpse. Prosecutors referred to the case as a 'thrill' killing, due to its gruesomeness and the apparent lack of serious motive.

    He was creepy before this, but this was the icing on the cake.

  • Something Smells Off

    This is in Grade 11. This weird kid that wore Hawaiian shirts every day. Long greasy hair, obnoxious, talks like he's super smart (Spoiler: he wasn't), and was just all around weird.

    In day one of Law class, he's leaning on his desk, smelling the girl sitting in front of him. She goes to the washroom, and he grabs her pencil case, and smarts sniffing it. She walks back while he's in the middle of this. She switched to a different class the same day.

  • The Fleshlight Gentleman

    There was kid who would do all sorts of strange sh*t. He once brought a condom into the Latin class I had with him, and he blew it up like a balloon. A bit later, he excused himself to the bathroom. He came back with a piss-filled-condom-balloon, which he sling across the room into the trash; thankfully he was a good shot because it popped, filling the trash with his piss.

    Another time he came into school with one of those body pillows that have weird anime girls on them, which he would hump in the locker bay. He took it to all his classes, and sat it down next to him.

    The third incident happened several years later, and I can't even begin to comprehend how he managed it, but he snuck 69 volleyballs, all with dildos attached to them, into a basketball game. All hell broke loose. There were dildos on the court, balls flying everywhere, and the band couldn't play because of how hard they were laughing. It was truly the most hilarious thing I have experienced.

    The weirdest part? He wasn't a strange kid; he was very nice, social, captain of the track team, knew everybody. He did the impossible, combining the tropes of strange antisocial freak with the teenage heartthrob's life. He and I have since become incredibly close friends, and he still does shit like this all the time.

    He would also drink soda out of a fleshlight. I don't even know.