20 People Share Their Creepiest Classmate Stories 

Lea Rose Emery
Updated July 1, 2019 319.2k views 20 items

Given that it is possibly the easiest way to survive adolescence, "being normal" prevents many from making that plunge into social exclusion. But while this deters most from becoming pariahs, someone's got to fill the role. You know, the one who ate glue, the one who 'lost' pets, who collected classmates' hair, all for the entertainment, and disbelief, of you, your classmates, and even your teachers

One of those places where people want to share all of those horror stories is Reddit, the perfect corner of the Internet for everything too weird to go anywhere else. From simply cringe-inducing behavior to actual murderers and sex offenders, the tales here depict classmates you'll be thankful won't be at your next reunion.

Fifth-Grade Fecal Gymnast

This boy in 5th grade pooped in class at his desk, rolled the log down his leg, and kicked it over to under a girl's desk.

The Wolf Pack Gone Wrong

Not an individual, but a group of kids at my high school would wear tails and pretend they were wolves. They all had their own wolf name, wore contacts that made their eyes look like wolves, and would meet in the woods when there was a full moon to howl at it. Well, for three weeks straight, a member of this group killed themselves every Wednesday. It was strange to say the least.

The Pubescent Predator

Kieran was that kid in my middle school, around the time where everyone was discovering their raging hormones, and sexual humor became everyday thing for us. Kieran took it too far, however, and was forever talking about sex and wishing he could f*ck everything that moved.

He even confessed that he fantasized about rape because "she'd enjoy it too, even if she pretended not to." Creepy, creepy kid.

Well, at one point Kieran wasn't in class for three days in a row, so we all started to wonder what happened to him. Turns out he had been masturbating under a table to dirty drawings he had done, been caught, and sent to the principal's office.

On the way there, he saw a younger girl walking back from the bathroom and forced her to follow him into the boy's room where he tried to rape her. Fortunately for her, an older kid was using the stall next to theirs and stopped everything and screamed for the security and teachers. Last I heard, Kieran's doing hard time for a long list of violent and sexual crimes.

The Classic Creeper

The kid with a rat tail haircut and a knife collection he would bring to school.