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Send In The Clowns: A Gang Of Creepers Have Arrived In Australia, And This Time They Mean Business

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Creepy clowns have been nightmare fuel for years – just look at the popularity of movies like IT. In 2017, though, the clowns weren't just on the movie screen. A group called the Clown Purge Association preyed on residents of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and beyond. Creepy clowns in Australia are becoming an epidemic, and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. What's more, is some of them seem to be getting violent.

Look up "clown purge Australia," and you'll find countless stories about these spooky figures. They first cropped up in the country in 2016, and there were even reports of clowns wielding weapons and threatening people. The Clown Purge Association seems to be gaining steam, posting on Facebook about their "big plans" for future events.

So, is it just harmless fun, or something more sinister? How will Australia respond as this strange group threatens to send in the clowns again?

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    The Clowns Come Out Around Halloween

    The creepy clown craze seems to be partially inspired by the season. In October 2014, Southern California was plagued by frightening clowns holding balloons. Around Halloween 2016, London residents began reporting sightings of weapon-wielding strangers wearing clown masks.

    The hysteria apparently spread to Australia. In 2017, a Facebook page popped up called Australia Clown Purge. The page claimed that creepy clowns would begin terrorizing the country around October, and cited both the movie IT and Halloween as inspirations for this new wave of clowning.

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    Sometimes The Clowns Have Axes Or Knives

    These clowns may not hurt people, but that doesn't mean they're harmless. In the United States in 2016, people reported being chased by clowns wielding kitchen knives.

    A woman called the police in Victoria, Australia in 2016 as well, claiming she'd been threatened by a clown with an axe. Police eventually tracked down the man and arrested him, but copycats kept popping up. Clowns prowled the streets with knives and baseball bats, risking arrest to terrify locals.

  • Photo: Clown Purge Australia / Facebook

    One Teenage Girl Was Grabbed By Three Clowns

    In September 2017, a teenage girl got off a bus in Perth – only to find three people dressed as clowns getting out of a car nearby. The three figures tried to grab her shoulder, but she pulled away and ran, escaping with just a scratch across her neck. She immediately went to the police, who issued a warning to the community.

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    Clown Purge Australia Supposedly Includes 20,000 Clowns

    How many clowns does it take to make a purge? Clown Purge Australia claims connections to 20,000 clowns, and may send as many as 50 clowns to a single location at a time. As for when they might appear, that varies. A town that was clown-free one night may be flooded with spooky figures the next.