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16 People Describe Freaky Personal Coincidences They Experienced

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Life, both the present and past. is full of strange coincidences. Every now and then, a chance meeting or opportunity falls into one's existence so perfectly you wonder if perhaps there's a glitch in the matrix, or just a sign of something bigger.

Rather than ignore these freaky experiences, these Reddit users chose to share them online. These bizarre true stories about families and relationships are almost too weird to believe, but as they say, life is stranger than fiction. 

  • An Oncology Love Connection

    From uer that_jerry:

    "Back about 10 years ago, I went on a first date with someone I met online through match.com. I lived in the Philadelphia suburbs, she was in the city. I drove into the city for your typical dinner and a movie, or a movie (Memento) and then dinner in this case. We enjoyed the movie and while we were talking and walking to dinner afterwards, I told her what I did for a living, which was write image processing software at a small company she'd likely never heard of.

    She paused and asked, 'you don't by any chance know [name of coworker/friend I've known for many years], do you?' Why yes, yes I do, I say. Turns out she knows him through some online forum having to do with singing, and they'd actually met before at some event. We reflect about the unlikelihood of this.

    But that is not the coincidence I am writing about.

    We continue to the restaurant, having a great conversation, hitting it off. About halfway through dinner, I feel comfortable enough to tell her about having gone through colon cancer the year before, and the long recovery after having had my colon removed. Not your typical first date conversation perhaps, but she was interested. Anyway, after I mention the surgery, she asks where I had it done. Penn, I say. She pauses. 'Who was your oncologist?' she asks. Oh-kayyyy, I think, not the question I would have expected, but I tell her. She pauses even longer. Then she says, in fact demands, 'Who. Was. Your. Oncology. Nurse?' I tell her.

    At this point she gets the most amazed expression I'd ever seen and says 'You're...you're...that Jerry!' And starts laughing uncontrollably. Every time the laughter starts to die down, says says 'you're that Jerry!' again, which sets off another fit of laughter. She literally can't get out anything coherent for at least five minutes, she's laughing too hard. The suspense is killing me.

    Maybe ten minutes and a dozen "that Jerry's" later, I finally am able to piece together that about a year before, she was sharing an office at Penn with my oncology nurse (she's not in medicine herself, it just had to do with a shortage of space, I think). The nurse used to tell her, 'I have this one patient who would be perfect for you, if only he wasn't recovering from surgery and going through chemo.' She even told her the name of this patient.

    Of course 'he' was me, and she and I ended up dating for a year or so and are still good friends to this day."

  • The Graveyard Coincidence

    From user Kaidra_Drakka:

    "I was taking some picture at a graveyard for a class and my friends were there modeling for me. I ask one of my friends to try fake cry, while I adjust my camera. When I go to take her picture, I see she is doing a great job crying. I take a couple of pictures before realizing that she is looking at this big family grave... with the exact same names of her relatives. There was her dad's name, mom's, sister's and brother's, exact name with exact last name.

    Her family lives in another state and they are alive. So that was spooky, but later on we are all in my car, and we are listening to some music off a USB device. We were listening to a song for like the third time, when the sound goes off and a horrible voice says 'Get back from where you came from,' and the song continues where it left off. We were so creeped out we had to stop and catch our breath."

  • She Met Someone With His Exact Name

    From user stephanieyo:

    "My grandmother was in her first year of high school when the United States began sending soldiers over seas for World War II. She said it was very common for the young men to toss scraps of paper with their names and addresses onto the ground when they drove through cities - hoping someone would pick up the paper and write to them while they were deployed. One day when my grandmother was working at the local penny store, a convoy drove by. She rushed outside and snapped up the first scrap of paper she saw. She began to write the solider, and they quickly became interested in one another.

    Several months later, the principal of her all-girls catholic school pulled her out of class, saying a young solider had come to see her. The principal allowed her to meet with the solider for ten minutes (supervised) in the school's auditorium. It was the young solider that she had been writing too these past few months. He told her that he was in love with her, but he was going to go back to battle in a few days. He gave her a pocket watch, and reminded her to wind it every night before she went to bed. He promised that he would come back for her, and that he would continue to love her for as long as the watch ticked. He was soon sent back over seas, and they continued to write one another.

    One night, the watch would not wind. My grandmother was heartbroken, but figured that she would save her money from her job at the penny store and have the watch repaired. Two days after the watch stopped working, my grandmother received a call from the solider's mother. He had passed away in battle two days before, at the same time that the watch had stopped ticking. My grandmother was distraught, and soon mailed the watch back to the solider's mother.

    Two years later, she met a young man and fell in love again and eventually married him. He had the same first, middle and last name as the deceased solider. They also would have been the same age."

  • Ouija Board Prediction Came True

    From user M1nneapolis:

    "My grandpa has always been the type of guy to love science fiction and the paranormal. One time he told me a story that has always freaked me out:

    Years ago when my mother and her sisters were little, my grandpa had a ouija board that he liked to mess around with down in their basement. One day, he asked the ouija board questions about himself that the board could answer, i.e., 'Where am I from?' 'What's my address?' 'Who is my mother?', just to see what it would say. He asked 'How many daughters do I have?' and it responded with '3.' My grandpa said, 'I have four,' and the board responded with, 'Not for long.'

    Two weeks later one of his daughters died in a car crash."