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Late Night Convenience Store Workers Share Their Creepiest Customer Stories

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From stories of would-be robbers to disgruntled shoppers with anger management issues, Redditors are sharing their creepiest tales of late-night shifts at local marts. Vote up the twisted tales that make you want to skip a midnight beer run. 

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    Friend Request Denied

    Posted by u/heavyblossoms:

    I go by my nickname at work and have my real name on Facebook, a customer found and friend requested me somehow. I used to think it was my name on the receipt, but I’m more inclined to think he looked up the business and went through the members/likes/whatever section (hundreds of people) until he found me.

    He sent me a message that said, ‘You work at Business Name, I was there last night.’ I never responded.

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    Locked In

    Posted by u/skeever2:

    A friend of mine found out during a robbery that the emergency button under the counter actually just LOCKS YOU IN THE STORE WITH A NOW PANICKING ARMED ROBBER.

    His boss later told him it was to "prevent people from getting away." I mean, it did also put in a call to the alarm company, who eventually called the police, but for a good 25 minutes he really thought he was going to die there.

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    'Ecosystem Of Weirdness'

    Posted by u/Smalls244:

    I used to work at a gas station in a really small town. There was this old homeless guy with a weird glass eye that would walk around with an uncovered five gallon bucket of pickled pigs feet. The pigs feet were submerged in this pink juice that would splash all over the damn place when he walked around. Not to mention that during the summer, this bucket would reek.

    So one of my first days on the job, he came into the gas station to buy a tall boy Bud Ice. I rang him up and he plunged his hand down into the bucket and pulled out a pig's foot in which he slammed on the counter.

    After a bit of back and forth explaining that pigs feet were not a form of currency, I just gave in and let him have the $2 beer (I paid for it myself).

    So about once a week, he would walk in, and we would have this pickled pig foot/Bud Ice understanding. Other customers in line would lose their minds after seeing this deal go down. I'd throw the pigs feet in the woods out back where the stray cats would eat them. It was a whole ecosystem of weirdness.

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    And Then Her Duffle Bag Began To Bark

    Posted by u/Chicken__Nuggetz:

    I got in around my normal 11 p.m. time and settled in for a slow night of training with my co-worker who was on his last day with the company. Things were quiet and going pretty smoothly until around 1 a.m. Steve and I were jamming to some classic rock but turned it off when the Crazy Lady enters.

    A small frail looking lady in about 20 jackets comes in carrying a duffel bag, she set the bag next to a shelf which sat behind the register. I couldn't see the bag so at first I didn't even notice it was behind me. The Crazy Lady went straight to the self-serve coffee and pulled out a coffee mug from underneath one of her jackets. She seemed out of it, talking to herself and muttering under her breath but I'd be out if it too at 1am so I let the Crazy Lady just do her thing.

    Until her bag starts to bark. I'm confused as hell since I hadn't seen her place down the bag and certainly didn't think there would be a dog inside. My co-worker lets the Crazy Lady know we don't allow animals inside the store and she'll have to take him outside.

    Word are as close as I can remember to what was said.

    Crazy Lady: But I don't have a dog.

    Co-Worker: Lady we can hear it barking, it wants out of the duffel bag.

    Crazy Lady: ....I'll let it out but it's not MY dog. Just my bag.

    Co-Worker: Well regardless of who owns the dog, you brought it in so you'll have to take it out.

    Crazy Lady: FINE, I'll just take my coffee and go then since you don't want me here.

    Co-Worker: Okay, so it'll be $1.50 for the coffee refill. Thanks for understanding.

    At this point I can see CL shaking with rage. Her eyes may as well have rolled back into her head.

    Crazy Lady: No, My coffee is always FREE!

    Co-Worker: No it's not, all refills of drip coffee are $1.50.

    Crazy Lady: but he said I could have it for free! Take it up with the big man not me, I get mine for free!

    Co-Worker: Who are you talking about, there has been just my coworker and I. What "Big Man"?

    Crazy Lady: I don't wanna stay, That man....upstairs. He told me.

    Co-Worker: Lady this is a one floor building, we don't have an upstairs.

    Crazy Lady: GOD! God told me in a dream that I could come here and always have free refills. Are you going to tell god no?

    At this point my coworker had enough and told her just to go, but if she came back we would call the police on her. I never saw her again