Graveyard Shift

Cops Share Stories Of The Creepiest Calls They Ever Responded To 

Erin Maxwell
Updated July 9, 2020 51k views 15 items

Police officers and friends and family of police officers are sharing creepy and unnerving tales of invisible assailants, hidden intruders, suspicious circumstances, and things that go bump in the night. From kids reporting zombie attacks to ghostly phone calls, these stories will have you double checking your locks in the middle of the night. 

'A Real Life Ghostbuster'

Posted by Redditor u/ryan0g_:

I do remember an odd job from last year. I was driving back to the station to end my shift and the operator shouted up and asked for a unit to attend a "sus circs" job; basically suspicious circumstances reported via a emergency call. The operator said that the emergency caller had stated that “the man won’t leave his house and his head is missing.” Naturally, I had to see what that was all about and I postponed the end of my shift to assist with the call.

Upon arrival I invited myself into the property and I walked into the living room - which was in complete darkness – to find an elderly male sat in an armchair, only visible with my torch. You could see how terrified he was, he couldn’t even move to look at me or speak to acknowledge me. He was transfixed on the armchair that was opposite his. I walked (more stumbled ungraciously) over to him and tried to make contact. His eyes slowly moved from the chair to make contact with me, and then he spoke. He told me basically what we already knew; that he could see a person sitting in the armchair opposite and that the person had no head. He said, “Please just take him away."

Being the quick thinking neighborhood police officer that I am, I asked the ghost to please leave the premises and stated that I would arrest "him" if "he" failed to comply. Needless to say, I didn’t have any trouble from the suspect.

I assumed that the man had some kind of mental health issue and called an ambulance, only to find out that this was his first episode and that he was otherwise in perfect health.
Basically, I’m one of the few cops that have apprehended a ghost. I’m a real life Ghostbuster.

'I Expected Her Head To Spin'

Posted by Redditor u/asso412:

Probably late to this. But we got a call for a mentally ill female at a house. Fairly common in our area. The girl's brother called it in.

We get there and see the brother outside. He says that his sister has been acting...weird for the last week or so, and that we just "can't go through the front door." So we go in through the garage entrance to find all the lights in the house off and none of the light switches work.

We take out the flashlights and start searching. We find the girl bent down facing the corner of the living room, naked as the day she was born. We call her name and hear her muttering some sort of incantation to herself. She stops and slowly turns her head toward us then stands and faces us. More muttering, then a loud scream and she runs straight at us. Stops halfway between us then slowly turns and walks back to her corner.

I swear I expected her head to spin and see her crab walk backwards up the wall.

'Do You Want To Play?'

Posted by Redditor u/BionicCatLady5K:

Military police have the best creep factor stories. I used to be stationed at MCAS Miramar - and one time I was coming through and had an opportunity to ask for their quickest, creepiest story.
Miramar had several abandoned vistas, cemeteries (I had only been in one) and an abandoned school house.

Basically, they get a call and go out to the school house because they thought some kids were messing around and they went to tell them to get out and find somewhere else to go. Well they go in, and first floor nothing. No one. Nothing out of the ordinary. Second floor. Nothing. They head back down to the first floor and someone/thing wrote on the chalkboard: "Do you want to play?"

'The Kid Was Telling The Truth!'

Posted by Redditor u/Tower-Unicorn:

My cousin is on in a major city, apparently 911 got a call from a 6-year-old claiming VEHEMENTLY that there was a zombie outside of his house on the street. So a patrol car swings around to see what's up.

Turns out a tweaker on meth gouged out his own eyes and was stumbling around blindly with his hands stretched out in front of him.

Goddamn, turns out the kid was telling the truth!