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16 Coroners Describe the Gnarliest Bodies They've Ever Seen

Reddit is full of creepy stories, and of course that includes tales of coroners about the most disturbing bodies that have landed on their examining tables. It's a coroner's job to do an autopsy to determine the cause of passing. They decide whether the end of someone's life is from natural causes, the result of a slaying, a taking of one's own life - or if it remains a mystery. 

  • Corpse Stew

    This one is from Redditor whoatethekidsthen:

    [Taking one's life] by pills and alcohol.

    That in itself isn't that shocking. The individual took an entire bottle of sleeping pills, drank a half bottle of alcohol, and got into their hot tub.

    The individual [perished], but the body remained in the hot tub until the smell of the decomp alerted neighbors.

    If you could imagine a body decomposing then liquefying in a hot tub, it still really doesn't do the actual sight of it justice.

    The smell was so intense that many of us vomited (including the guys from Aftermath Inc. hired by the family to clean up.)

    Best I can describe it is, the individual [perished] in a hot tub which then became a giant crock pot of [corpse] stew.

  • Cooked In A Fire

    From Redditor cstoli:

    My very first case was an elderly male who [perished] in a house fire. The firemen were unable to extract him until after the fire was put out, so he was completely cooked. What struck me was how similar the smell is to a pig roast. When I opened the rib cage, it looked just like cooked ribs without sauce. The skin was crackling and oil and juices pooled in the crease between the skin and exposed rib cage.

    I was off pork for about three months.

  • Facial Dissection Of A Slain Person

    Shared by SparkleSpectre:

    Trainee anatomical pathology technician here (AKA mortician, I guess). Th[e] most interesting and creepiest thing I have seen so far was a facial dissection of a [slain person]. Basically the face is peeled off the skull from the chin upwards, but is left attached at the nose to help re-orientate it back into it's original position (even though it can never be perfectly placed back to where it was)... Was very strange to see the inside of someone's mouth folded up over the rest of their face.

  • A Jigsaw Through The Forehead

    A tale from Redditor muklan:

    My ex-wife worked in a funeral home. She said they once had [someone take their own life]... with a jigsaw... through the forehead. It was still in when the body arrived, apparently they had to turn it on for a split second to free it from her skull.