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14 People Describe Their Creepy Couch Surfing Stories

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Ever thought about couch surfing? You might think again after reading these couch surfing horror stories from Reddit users. If you don't know what couch surfing is, it's a website that travelers and hosts use to connect to spare rooms and sofa beds all over the world. While it can be a great way to travel for free and meet cool people, creepy couch surfers and hosts can also make it a total nightmare. 

As these Redditors learned the hard way, not being careful enough when reading through a profile can have dire consequences. And even if you are careful, people can lie. From awkward situations to life-threatening weirdness and straight-up sexual predators, these Redditors confronted a lot while either trying to have a vacation, or just do something nice for other people. 

Many of them came across anger issues, addiction, entrapment, broken-down cabins in the woods, unexpected nudity, awkward sexual advances, and things that sound like they are straight out of a horror film. Check out the worst of the worst from some of Reddit's most worldly - and most unlucky.

  • So Many Womens

    Redditor Astrosomnia says:

    I got shown around the city by a guy because his house was booked out. He wouldn't stop talking about how he "founded", and always had "so many womens" at his house. Nice enough dude, but total creeper and I'm pretty glad his house was booked.

  • An "Amateur Filmmaker" with Anger Problems

    From Element72:

    I had a guest who was very hyper and loud etc., which is fine and can be fun and all, I'm just a very calm person, so it was a bit overwhelming.

    Anyways, get a couple of hours of that, and then.... He gets in an argument with his female companion. To say "with" is probably not the right word, it was more so "at" his female companion. He was yelling at her, with all his voice, cussing her out, crying, full-on tantrum/losing his mind in anger. I've never heard anything like it. As I said, I'm a pretty calm person. She kept whispering for him to be quiet, remember you're a guest, people are staring (the windows were open), etc., but he just yelled and yelled, stomping around in the flat, shoved my table so it fell off its hinge, yelled more until he was hoarse, etc. It was extremely threatening. This continued for over two hours O.o I was freaking terrified, this is a stranger, this is my first impression of him, and he is in my home.

    Finally, he punched his Mac book so the screen cracked and the keys fell off, and after cussing her out for that (because, obviously it was her fault), he went to the other room to try and fix it. I could hear she fixed the table, and afterwards stuck her head into my room, where I was sitting on my bed, crying, with the emergency number already typed out on my phone. She whispers, begging "I am so sorry," before going into the room where he's sitting, presumably telling him he need to apologize, too. He comes in and says, "Oh no, I'm not like that, don't be scared" (as I literally cower as he comes nearer). He starts explaining why he was right to be so angry with her: he was making a documentary, and he had her film the traveling (even though she was not a photographer or anything), and now that he looked at the filmings, he wasn't satisfied with it. As he was telling me, he got visible more and more angry again, so I finally said, "You have made me more terrified than I've ever been, you cannot stay here," He accepted that it was understandable that I was scared and thus had to kick him out, even though he tried to convince me to realize "he's not like that."

    I'm pretty proud of myself that I kicked them out, as I said, I'm usually a very calm person, verging on being a doormat, who in the past would have thought, "Oh no, it's late, they can't find another accommodation now, they're my responsibility, it's too confrontational to throw them out" (actually, I did think that, but got my act together).

  • The Surprise Nudist

    clautz128 says:

    One of my friends in college spent a semester couch surfing across Europe and stayed with a nudist in Paris. Apparently on the listing the guy didn't give any warning that he was a nudist and my friend was obviously surprised upon arrival. He said the guy was super nice but the whole nudity thing was a little weird.

  • Creepy Vibes

    Kuusanka writes:

    I've been couchsurfing a few times and all my hosts have been really great, generous, and pleasant people, except for one older man who gave me creepy vibes.

    He was somewhere around 60 years old, living alone with his cats. He constantly kept talking about how difficult the last ten years without sex have been, was commenting on my appearance all the time, came too close to my "personal space" (like, he grabbed the hem of my shirt, lifted it up, and said "Do you have a little belly? No, you have no little belly") and when I was hanging my laundry to dry he commented on my underwear ("Sexy, I like those ;)" ). I'm not sure if he himself realized that I felt uncomfortable by his actions, although my body language was very clear about that.

    He was very generous, paid all my food stuff even when I insisted I of course can pay my half, but I anyways ended up leaving one day earlier than planned since I just didn't feel comfortable.