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Lyra Radford
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When it comes to stories of cursed toys or any cursed items in general, it’s wise to take what you hear with a grain of salt. There are very few cases that seem to recount real curses or cursed objects out there, and unfortunately those are usually the ones that have a verifiable trail of destruction behind them.

Cursed dolls might make for the most chilling tales of all. Their very appearance is enough to send you hurtling into the uncanny valley: the blank stares, the waxy smiles, the fixed expressions. Add in some vintage clothing, and nightmares can't be far behind.

Many would agree that dolls are naturally creepy all on their own. Add a curse or animation, courtesy of an angry spirit, and these would-be-innocent playthings become infinitely more sinister.

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Peggy Can Curse You With A Single Look

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Photo: HD Paranormal Research/via YouTube

Even looking at Peggy can supposedly harm you. People who have viewed her - or just seen her picture - often report symptoms including dizziness, chest pains, headaches, horrible luck, nightmares, and full-on mania. One woman even claimed Peggy gave her a heart attack. Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris estimated that about 80 percent of those who see Peggy are affected in some way.

Now, Peggy sits in the Haunted Museum of Las Vegas, owned by paranormal investigator Zak Bagans. "I was very skeptical of this claim until the doll caused very terrifying activity during our filming, including: manifestations of flies, camera problems, negative mental effects on me, poltergeist activity," said Bagans. "Peggy the doll will be displayed at The Haunted Museum, but releases will have to be signed should visitors want to see her."

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Joliet Holds The Souls Of Dead Baby Boys

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For generations, Joliet has been passed down to the girls of the same family and so has the curse that's attached to her. The doll is said to have the souls of boys from their family trapped inside of her. Each woman in the family line has had a son and a daughter, though the boys have always mysteriously died at just three days old. The doll is then gifted to the surviving daughter, who may hear the laughter and crying of the deceased infants at night.

According to Joliet's current owner, Anna, the curse on the doll came from a bitter former friend of her great grandmother’s. It’s been claiming the male heirs of the family ever since.

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Annabelle Hides A Vicious Demon

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Photo: Something Dark and Scary/via YouTube

Annabelle might be the most famous cursed doll of all time. She was first brought to public attention by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, and Hollywood latched onto her terrifying tale in The Conjuring.

The real Annabelle is an old Raggedy Ann doll, but looks can be deceiving. This doll is supposedly possessed by a demon who tricked two college girls named Donna and Angie into believing it was the harmless ghost of a little girl. They felt bad for the spirit and invited it to stay with them. That’s when its true nature was revealed.

Not only could Annabelle move around on her own, but she could apparently write as well. Angie and Donna would find strange scraps of paper with “Help Lou” and “Help us” scribbled on them. The girls did have a friend named Lou - the doll attempted to strangle him.

Once the Warrens were brought in to investigate, they determined that the doll was in fact under the sway of a demon. The Warrens ended up locking Annabelle up behind glass in their occult museum.

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Samson Torments Pets And Hurts Humans

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Photo: SeveStJude/flickr/CC-BY-ND 2.0

Samson is a tiny terror who has been described as “jealous” and “possessive” by a previous owner. His last owner believed Samson cursed her with a mysterious affliction, which caused breathlessness, neck tension, sore patches of skin, and a burst eye vessel. The doll supposedly made messes, broke other dolls, and tormented pets.

Previous owners of Samson have reported heavy poltergeist activity in their home: lights flickering, things thrown around the house, and terrifying activity in their baby’s nursery. They found Sampson in the crib with their baby as the mobile spun wildly, water dripped from the ceiling, and the rocking horse seemed to have a mind of its own.   

Samson has undergone sessions with a medium, and the entity attached to the doll claimed to be a little boy who was kidnapped and tortured before being brutally murdered over 200 years ago.

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