Graveyard Shift Creepiest, Weirdest Things Caught on Dash Cams  

Christopher Shultz
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Dash cams, be it those attached to police cruisers or citizen-mounted cameras, can capture some truly scary and creepy things, from intense car and plane crashes, to crazy road rage incidents, gruesome deaths, both attempted and successful robberies, ghosts, and even the fabled Bigfoot. The dash cam footage compiled on this list offers all of the above for your viewing pleasure. Be warned, however, some of the clips below contain graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Canadian Wildfire Looks Like Hell

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Video: YouTube
This footage from May 5, 2016 of a massive wildfire in Fort McMurray, Canada, perfectly captures certain religious depictions of Hell, including fire raining down from the sky.
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Brick Fatally Kills Passenger

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Video: YouTube
While there is no graphic imagery in this video, we do see a brick fly off of a semi truck and crash through the windshield, killing the passenger. The most horrifying aspect of this footage is the driver's screams. If you can make it through all five minutes, you have a very thick skin.
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Cargo Plane Plummets From The Sky

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This intense, fairly nauseating footage of a cargo plane plummeting from the sky to a fiery crash will have you purchasing train tickets for your next vacation.

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Policeman Dies in Ammonia Haze

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Video: YouTube
Near the beginning of this footage, a police officer rushed to the aid of a man collapsed next to a toppled-over tank that appears to be smoking. However, it becomes clear very quickly that this is no mere smoke; rather, it is a massive ammonia leak, which causes the officer to collapse. For the next several minutes, the sound of his chest mic cuts in and out, painfully documenting the man's dying breaths.