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Creepiest, Weirdest Things Caught on Dash Cams

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Dash cams, be it those attached to police cruisers or citizen-mounted cameras, can capture some truly scary and creepy things, from intense car and plane crashes, to crazy road rage incidents, both attempted and successful robberies, ghosts, and even the fabled Bigfoot. The dash cam footage compiled on this list offers all of the above for your viewing pleasure. Be warned, however, some of the clips below contain graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

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    A Plane Slices Through A Bridge

    Video: YouTube
    Just imagine if the driver of the car that captured this footage of a Taiwan plane crash was going a little bit faster...
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    Toddler Runs Down the Highway

    Video: YouTube
    A child running down the middle of the highway is a scary concept on its own - after all, any number of horrible accidents could occur which could either harm the toddler, other motorists, or both. Yet, in this particular footage, the headlights washing out the tiny figure scuttling down the road makes the imagery all the more creepy.
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    Jump Scare!

    Video: YouTube

    Just wait for it...  

    Wait for it... 
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    Hooded Man Screams at Driver

    Video: YouTube
    The title of this entry says it all. The sound will give you the chills.
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