Graveyard Shift

These Creepy True Stories About The Deep Web Will Have You Slowly Backing Away From The Screen  

Rebecca High

The "deep web" is the mysterious, un-Googleable part of the internet — the sites buried encrypted networks. As such, it's often home to illegal and scary goings-on. Details about the deep web sometimes surface of the normal web, making for some creepy storytelling; the video below captures just a few of the dark tales from this digital underworld.

How do you even get to the deep web, though? It's not just for hackers and computer geeks. Most sites hide their identity using an encryption tool. Not unlike a VPN, which turns off your web location so that you can appear to be in a different country and get around internet firewalls, the encryption spoofs a site's location.

On a much more sinister level, the deep web makes way to the dark web, which is home to trafficking, cyber crimes, and other illicit operations. The Silk Road remains one of the most famous dark web sites — it spawned an entire black market network of other dark web sites for buying and selling drugs.

See how shady the deep web can be with these stories from five people who followed their curiosity into a world far more haunting than they ever could have known. Watch the video below to see just how dark browsing can be.