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People Share Unexplainable Stories Of Their Creepiest Deja Vu Experiences

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Have you ever had the feeling that what you're currently doing has already happened? These experiences can be called deja vu, which means already seen, or deja reve, which means already dreamed. Nobody knows exactly why this happens but it can be extremely unsettling. These are stories of people experiencing mysterious deja vu moments that are impossible to explain. 

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    Deja Vu Predicted Future Situation At Home

    From Redditor /u/291099001:

    When I was about 9, I broke a dish and was sent up to my room. I went up and felt strange, like I was in an unfamiliar place. I don't know why. I got chills and very cautiously nudged the door open to look inside. My room was all different. There was different furniture. I felt an icy stab in my chest when I noticed the silhouette of a man against my brightly lit window. I managed to let out a "s-sorry!" before bolting down the stairs, screaming for my parents. They went up and just shook their heads. Sure enough, the room was normal. I just forgot about this as I got older

    Years later, our long-time neighbours sold their place and the new family had just moved in. They had a daughter about my age (17 at the time). I noticed her right away because she was 'gifted' and didn't seem shy about it given her choice of attire. One day, I was upstairs in my room and noticed her in the back yard. I couldn't help but stare, especially because the downward angle gave me an even better peek. So I just stood there like a creepy teenager, staring at this girl. Then I heard a tiny "sorry!" behind me, and the door shutting. This scared me to death until I remembered what happened when I was 9.

    I ran downstairs to my parents, just as before. I asked them if they remembered the time I broke the dish and they sent me upstairs. I asked if they remembered when I said my room was different. They said I was always keen to make up stories to get out of trouble, but they did recall me saying that there was a man in my room, looking out the window.

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    Deja Vu Predicted His Future Life Path

    From a former Redditor :

    When I was in sixth grade (primary school, 1993), the State sent us shots to prevent meningitis. It was a big deal back then, so I guess receiving the shots in the classroom wasn't that weird. Some minutes after receiving the shot, my classmates and I started to feel dizzy and feverish, so the teacher allowed us to take a nap right there in the classroom.

    I had a strange dream in which I could see flashes of my own life from that point to my last days: me ending primary school, me starting secondary school, me losing a year due to my poor performance, me ending secondary school, me taking my first job, me doing some random sh*t with my friends, me having a big argument with my best friend, me meeting my current SO, me finally settling down, etc.

    Well, every flash in that dream ocurred to me so far. Sometimes the flash was a photographic scene; sometimes it was just some sort of metaphor. But so far, every one of them happened to me, and when it happened, I experienced this weird feeling, like it happened before. Only days after the event I remember that part of the dream.

    And the trick is that I cannot remember the future parts of that dream. Every time a flash happens in real life, I can access that part of my memories, but not before.

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    Deja Vu Predicted A Traffic Collision

    From Redditor /u/TitaniumPenguin777:

    I had a dream once that my dad and I were having a conversation driving down the road and we passed a few streets and a school, and less than a minute later we get hit right in front of a Raising Canes because some guy ran a red light and I died in the hospital.

    About a month later, my dad and I had that exact conversation, and everything played out exactly as it did in the dream until we got to the intersection and then I started freaking out. There was no one in our lane, and we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere so I forced my dad to turn on his hazard lights and wait out the red light.

    I kid you not, if it weren’t for that, we would have been hit by a red Honda, exactly the same as my dream. I’m not sure if that’s Deja Vu or whatever but it was the most scary and surreal moment of my entire life.

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    Deja Vu Predicted A Camping Accident

    From Redditor /u/RamsesThePigeon:

    Back when I was about twelve years old, I went to a Boy Scout camp in the mountains of Colorado. All of the attendees would be spending their nights in enclosures called "wall tents," which are really just metal frames over which some thick canvas has been draped. (If you imagine a child's drawing of a house, you'll be on the right track... although the smoking chimneys are only present if something has gone disastrously awry.) These shelters can serve as protection from weather and noise, but that's about it... and they're decidedly not the sort of place you'd want to hide if a bomb was about to go off.

    Anyway, on the morning of my first day at the camp in question, I was sitting in my tent, trying to unpack the various things I'd need during the day. My friend Peter – another Boy Scout – was sitting across from me, telling me a story about having received a concussion when he was younger. Suddenly, as he was describing the aftermath, an urgent flash of images went through my head, all of them accompanied by that bizarre sense of déjà vu; the idea that I'd experienced this before: I saw an enormous log come crashing through the back "wall" of our makeshift house, and I could almost feel my teeth smashing together as the marauding wood assaulted my head.

    Feeling somewhat silly (but still a touch panicked), I jumped away from where I had been sitting... just as an enormous log came crashing through the canvas and onto my cot.

    It turned out that some of our fellow Scouts had decided to carry a "bench" back from the woods. When that had proven to require too much effort, they had taken to rolling it, then hoisting it end-over-end after nearly losing it a few times. (Really, that seems like it would have required moreeffort than just carrying it, but we weren't the tightest knots in the handbook, if you take my meaning.) One ill-placed push had caused the log to tumble toward my tent, and if I hadn't leapt away, Peter wouldn't have been the only one with a concussion story to share.

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